Hamilton College

Hamilton College, Clinton, NY

• 26% acceptance rate
• 1850 students
• Beautiful sprawling campus
• 2/3 of the students come from the Northeast
• CA, NY and Florida are primary feeder states
• Half of the students come from public schools and half from private
• Common Application only
• Supplemental essays to be sure they are serious about applying
• Williams, Amherst, Middlebury, Colby, Bates, Bard are crossover schools
• Want their students to be good, diverse community members, demographically, geographically
• 94% retention rate
• Students need to be academically independent
• Open curriculum – No core distribution requirements
• Emphasis on writing, produces strong writers, novelists, journalists…etc.
• Intense written assignments
• Want their students to have a solid writing background when graduating
• Outgoing, well rounded, active student
• Very cohesive, welcoming community and students are involved
• Friendly culture
• Access to leadership opportunities
• Nice town close by and shopping mall within 10 minutes
• Greek life is non residential, operates as a club
• Interview recommended, considered in the admissions process
• Early Decision 1 – Acceptance rate mid 30’s, 500 applicants
• ED 2 – 220 applicants – 30% admit rate
• Regular Decision – Low 20’s admit rate
• Regular decision pool demonstrated interest considered
• Need blind – Not for international, wait list and transfer students
• Meet full demonstrated need using only subsidized federal student loan
• CSS Profile
• All professors are tenured, full time. No adjunct or part time

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