Haverford College

Haverford College, Haverford, Pennsylvania

Located in a beautiful suburb off Philadelphia’s Main Line, Haverford College is a welcoming liberal arts and sciences college with its own arboretum. True to its Quaker founders, Haverford’s students collaborate not only on how the campus runs but on their academic pursuits as well. Haverford offers a more open education with very few requirements.

• Academics broken down into Reading, Analysis and Physical Sciences – must take 2 of the 3
• Course reqs include; Writing, 2 semesters of World Language, and Cognitive/Symbolic reasoning
• Senior thesis in major area required with professor mentorship
• Lots of research opportunities, all are PAID
• Only undergraduate studies

• Housing
First year hall only with upperclassmen as “mentors”, aka residential assistants
70% of housing singles, more so for upperclassmen

• Arboretum
• If you double major then 2 theses, may do double at Bryn Mawr without second thesis
• Honor Code taken very seriously, academic trust including take home exams; social trust
• Culture of collaboration, less competitive more about proving yourself while acknowledging those who you collaborated with on projects
• Great interaction with professors
• Self assessments at midterms

• Multiple consortiums: Students can take classes at any of these:
Bryn Mawr: Most popular is Blue Bus just 10 minutes away, meal swipes work here
Swarthmore: ~30 minutes
UPenn: accessible by train, but more complicated

• Joint degree programs with other schools, example: Engineering with CalTech
• One dining hall on campus promotes community
• Activity examples: D&D, Badminton, Improv, cricket
• Newer music building, orchestra
• Recently updated library, based on student consensus, to let in more light
• Offers optional senior interviews
• Meet 100% need, NO merit scholarships

• Average student profile
Test Optional
Mid-50% SAT: 1490
Mid-50% ACT: 34
Admit Rate ~14%

Visit the Haverford College website.

photo courtesy Haverfold College