High Point University

High Point University, High Point, North Carolina

Visiting High Point University was like no other school I have ever seen. Photos will not do it justice to display what an amazing university this school is. I was captivated from the moment I walked on campus knowing this school was a fine tuned machine, with systems in place ensuring no stone was left unturned and no-one left behind.

The passion and respect for the school was palpable. In 2005 a new president came in to revitalize the university. Dr. Qubein came from the corporate world and had a vision on what he wanted this university to represent. Within 2 years all new buildings were constructed. Academics have been brought to another level and new, impressive programs were offered. Since his inception, the university has increased their academic level with a retention level at over 85%. See below for my notes and attached for my photos.

• 3.3-3.4 unweighted GPA, 1110 SAT, 24/25 ACT
• Honors program – Complete separate application, automatically will be sent, 3.5 unweighted, 1280 SAT, 28 ACT, Honors program stats
• Freshman assigned success coach to help with transition to college
• 85% retention rate
• Learning Excellence program – Learning specialist meets with student on a regular, scheduled basis
• 4800 undergrads, small number of graduate programs, 300 students
• 2005 new president, coming from the corporate world
• School of Health Sciences – Exercise Science, will have DPT program in 2017
• Brand new Health Sciences program
• 6 year Pharm D program coming in 2017, not direct entry but if you meet all minimums will get in, Physical Therapist from Duke is heading up program
• Do not admit by major
• Business, communications most popular majors
• Undergrad research opportunities, starting early, sign up as a freshman to be trained for research
• Bachelors in Sales available, only 20 schools in country
• International Business and Entrepreneurship offered
• Demonstrated Interest is very important – Visiting school, contacting admissions counselor, ask for optional interview, Skype with them, email
• Physicians Assistant school – 6 year program, not direct entry, High Point applicants have the advantage
• Went from 7000 applicants to 11000 applicants in 1 year
• TV studio with top professional network equipment
• Not test optional
• Under 900 SAT shouldn’t be submitted
• 15:1 ratio, discussion based
• Attendance policy for classes not to be punitive but to ensure students are OK and getting the most of their High Point experience
• 100 students in a lecture for some basic classes (Bio)
• High pull from the northeast
• Unique programs: Video Game Design, Theater Tech, Actuarial Science, Interior Design
• $45,000 COA
• Robust study abroad
• LD program – Recognize language waivers, those that seek out support

Visit the High Point University website.