How to Accept a College Admission

The college acceptances have arrived. You’ve narrowed down the options and made your decision. You know which school you want to attend. Now you just need to let them know you accept! But, just how do you go about accepting their offer of admission? While it may seem overwhelming, accepting an admissions offer is pretty simple. Let us break it down for you.

Log Into the College’s Student Portal

You likely set up an applicant portal with a school once you submitted your application. You can often accept admission within the portal.

Follow the Instructions Outlined in the Acceptance Letter

You will typically receive an admissions offer in the mail or, more frequently by email directing you to your applicant portal to view it. That letter, whether it be paper or electronic, will provide you with how to accept the offer. Simply follow those instructions. We recommend putting a checkmark next to each item listed in the letter to make sure you didn’t miss any acceptance requirements (Print it out if the letter is electronic).

Put Down Your Deposit

Part of accepting admission to a college is putting down your deposit, often referred to as the housing deposit. This cost can range anywhere from $100 to $500+ and is typically non-refundable. Paying this deposit secures your spot in the incoming class. You should be able to do this through your applicant portal as well.

Don’t Miss the Acceptance Deadline!

May 1st is known as National College Decision Day. This is the deadline colleges set for student replies to admissions offers. Ideally, you want to notify the college of your acceptance prior to this date. If you submit your deposit prior to the May 1 deadline, it would be appropriate to send an email to the other colleges admissions offices letting them know that you are declining their offer, since there are other students who will want to attend those institutions that have been put on a waitlist that may then receive an offer from that school.

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