How Colleges Track Demonstrated Interest

Colleges want to know which students have a significant interest in attending their school – and they go to great lengths to find out. They carefully track students that show demonstrated interest. How? Typically, through an elaborate software program they have purchased.

Student Actions that Colleges Track

There are a variety of actions that colleges keep an eye on, including:

• College Visits
• Virtual information sessions and tours attended
• Opening of emails from the college
• Clicking on links within emails and navigating through the college’s website
• Following the school on social media

Yes, Big Brother is watching! So, if you are considering applying to a specific college, it would be in your best interest to visit the school in person and/or sign up for any virtual prospective student sessions they may offer, be sure to check your email regularly and open any emails the school may have sent you, and follow the school on Facebook or Instagram and liking their posts.

Do All Schools Track Demonstrated Interest?

While many schools track demonstrated interest, not all schools do so.

Why Do Colleges Track Student Interest?

A school spends significant time and funds tracking students’ demonstrated interest because of something called “yield”. This is the number of students that the college has budgeted for the incoming freshman class. It comes down to anticipated revenue. Colleges have found that the more interest you show in them, the more likely you will accept their offer of acceptance, and this will help them meet yield numbers.

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