How Do You Set Up a College Visit?

Just Follow these 3 Simple Steps

Setting up a college visit is fairly simple. It really hinges on knowing where to go online to schedule your visit. Practically all colleges have calendars on the Admissions or Visit sections of their website. Once you find the right page, it just takes a few clicks of the keys and you are all set.

1. Find the Visit Scheduling Page

Go to the Admissions section/page of the website of the college you want to visit. That page will typically have a link that says Visit or Visit Us or Tours. If you don’t see anything about a visit or tour on the college’s main Admissions page, simply google the school name and visit, i.e., Visit Vasser or Northeastern Campus Tours, and you should easily find the page you need in the search results.

2. Select the Day and Time for Your Visit

Once you have found the right page on the college’s website, search for the Visit, Schedule a Visit, Schedule a Tour or similar button or link. Click on that link or button and you will most likely be taken to a calendar that shows available days and times for a tour/visit. Click on the day you would like to visit the school.

3. Submit Student Information

Once you have picked the day and time of the visit, you will be directed to provide student information, such as:
• Name
• Whether You’re a Prospective Freshman or Transfer
• Number of People Visiting
• Birthdate
• Academic Area of Interest
• Semester You Plan on Enrolling
• Email
• Phone Number
• Address
• Parent Contact Information
• Name of High School

Once you submit all of the necessary information, you will get a visit / tour confirmation. You should also receive necessary visiting information, such as directions, where to park, building check in, etc.

That’s it. Just follow these three steps to set up your college visits.

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