How to Request Transcripts on Naviance

Each high school determines which features of Naviance they want to implement for their school and students. Although there are some high schools that allow you to request transcripts through Naviance and make that feature available, there are many schools that do not. There are also many schools that have a “Request Transcripts” function within your account, but that’s not how you request transcripts from them. It can be confusing, we know. The best thing for you to do is to go to your guidance office and ask them how you request transcripts to be sent to all of your colleges. For some high schools, it’s a paper form, for others it’s an electronic form, and some schools do it through Naviance. If your school allows you to request transcripts through your Naviance account, you will want to follow the steps outlined below.

Step-By-Step Directions for Requesting Your High School Transcript through Naviance

1) If you haven’t linked your Common App to Naviance, you will need to do so prior to proceeding with the following steps. Read our blog on How to Connect Naviance to the Common App.
2) Log into your Naviance account.
3) Click on Colleges I’m Applying To.
4) Then, click on the Request Transcripts button, which should be located in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
Check “Initial”, meaning you are requesting your initial transcript be sent to your colleges
5) Scroll down a bit and click on the down arrow to select which schools you want to send the transcripts to. When you click on the down arrow, all of your schools will appear.
6) Check the box next to the schools where you want your official transcript sent.
7) Scroll to the bottom and click Submit.
That’s it!

If your school uses this feature within Naviance to allow you to request transcripts to be sent to your colleges, it will receive notification of your requests and then it will send your official transcript directly to the schools. Of course, it is always a good idea to check to be sure that they requecived your request and are processing it.

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