Is College for Me?

Is College for Me?

One of the parents I know loved cars as a kid, figured out how a car worked at a very young age, and was soon repairing cars for the family. When it was time for college, his parents put their foot down and insisted he go to a four-year college, and not the automotive school he wanted. They felt a four-year degree was a “necessity.” So, he went, begrudgingly. Then, he graduated and immediately went to work at an auto shop where he happily repaired cars and made a great salary. After learning the business side of the operation, he opened his own successful auto repair shop. Not every story like this ends this well. This could have very well meant four years of torture, and potentially a lifetime of loans, for both the student and parent.

Was this student’s four-year college experience a waste of time and money? That’s not for me to judge and is as unique in assessing as each person’s fingerprint. I do know college is not for everyone. Say you have always been handy with tools, know how the plumbing works, have a knack for computer repair, construction, etc. Trade jobs are actually high in demand and will always need new blood, new apprentices, and eventually provide a very lucrative salary.

Just know that you really do have choices and this world needs all kinds of professions, which require varying educations to get there.

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