Is It Better To Apply Early Decision

For those of you wondering if it is better to apply early decision over regular decision, it is important to note that for many schools, applying early decision can increase your chances of being accepted. You must remember, however, that applying early decision means that if you get accepted, you are contractually bound to attend that school. So there are some things you should carefully take into consideration BEFORE you apply to a school early decision.

When Applying Early Decision be SURE that School Is at the Top of Your List

Since you must attend the school to which you applied early decision, it must unequivocally be the one school that you absolutely want to go to. So, you better be positive that the school is the best fit for you. Do all your due diligence before you apply. Our blogs How to Find the Best College for Me and How to Narrow College Search can help you make sure the school fits you socially, academically, financially and emotionally.

Consider the Cost of Attendance

You need to ask yourself, “Will I be able to afford this school?” If there is even a question about being financially able to attend the school, you should think twice before applying early decision. Some schools will allow you to submit your financial information before applying so they can do a pre-read of your finances and provide you an estimate of how much money you would receive from a financial standpoint. You can also use their net price calculator on their web site to calculate your estimated net cost. This can help you make a better informed decision as to whether applying early decision to the school makes financial sense.

Why Applying Early Decision Helps Your Chances of Acceptance

Because early decision is contractually binding, the school knows you will attend if they offer you an acceptance. They don’t have to wonder about whether you are going to accept, but rather can already start making their yearly numbers. This is why applying early decision increases your chances of acceptance.

So, in answer to the question as to whether it is better to apply early decision, doing so is only better if you know definitively that is the school you want to go to and that you can afford to attend the school.

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