Let Time Be On Your Side In The College Admissions Process

Let Time Be On Your Side In The College Admissions Process

In some families, mom, dad, grandparents and caregivers start planning for college before their new family member is even born. Bank accounts are opened, little college onesies are purchased, and ivy league pre-schools are investigated. A little early, you think?

What prompted this column was a recent conversation I had with a client, who has a junior in high school. This student was told by their school’s guidance counselor that junior year is too early to start the college admissions process. Yikes! In my mind, that’s like showing up to a concert with the band already into their first number. Or cramming the night before for a test in a language you don’t understand.

Don’t Let it Happen to You.

When I’m asked that question, my answer is the sophomore year. Doing so means that the family and applicant have plenty of time to absorb the nuts and bolts of the process and plan for what lies ahead, the financials, begin the process of searching through college choices, what testing to take and so on. Being proactive in the process makes it exciting and enjoyable as opposed to stressful and anxiety ridden.

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