Lynn University, Boca Raton, Florida

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– 2003 undergraduates
– 18:1 student to faculty ratio
– 76% acceptance rate
– Test optional
– Mid 50% SAT 430-550ACT 19-24
– 73% retention rate – Freshman returning for their sophomore year
– 22.7% of students who have no financial need receive on average $11,687
– 54% of financial need met
– Private university
– 53% of students come from out of state
– Intimate and personal, Lynn University pays attention to detail
– Building a new upper classmen apartment style dorm ready Fall 2017
– Building a new student center ready Fall 2018
– Known for their superior support program, Institute for Achievement and Learning (IAL)
– Apple distinguished school, every student receives a large Apple IPAD – 1 of only 5 schools to offer this
– All books are on your IPAD and included in tuition
– Submit latest psycho educational Eval to participate in the Institute for Achievement and Learning (IAL)
– IAL registers freshman students for their classes to ensure proper classes are taken
– 13 coaches on staff at IAL , each having their niche of who students should be matched with. Stays with student throughout their time at Lynn, unless student prefers to change
– IAL Coaches are there to empower the students
– IAL Not just academic based, bring real life situations forward for real life application
– Meet twice per week with freshman in IAL
– IAL staff reaches out to professors once per semester, around mid terms, unless other situations arise
– IAL staff has accessibility to attendance to work collaboratively
– 20-25% of students participate in IAL
– IAL coaches not there to judge, there to help
– IAL has over 40 professional tutors on staff, with at least a masters degree
– IAL – All tutoring is one on one
– Students that are fully immersed in the IAL program are successful to move on and be more independent
– Menu of support services, which is outside of IAL, does not include coaching with reaching out to parents and professors, no registering of students in their classes
– Goal is to transition the student out of the comprehensive program
– Apply to Lynn and to the IAL program during admissions process
– IAL Writing Center is available – Tutoring – Not group but not 1 on 1
– Greek life is prevalent on campus
– Drama major, Conservatory of music
– Fashion design and retail major
– Everything is electronic on campus
– 25% international
– 2 pools, 1 leisure and 1 athletic
– Dining hall open 24/7 and food plan includes unlimited swipes
– Can interview, but really just get to know – about 5% of students, if they haven’t visited campus
– BFA in Music – Have to audition, if you make it in, you get full tuition, conservative classical music, just instruments for now
– Commercial pilot program, have aeronautical campus
– Apply and accepted to school in general, not to a specific program
– Average class size is 19, never have a class larger than 24
– Consider demonstrated interest – If visit campus
– Students that thrive – Lynn is their #1 or #2 choice
– Merit money – $2,000 – $12,000
– Accelerated undergraduate program – Complete 4 years in 3 for the cost of 3, at no additional cost
– Accelerated masters, 3+1 – earn MBA or any other offered masters program

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