Manhattan College

Manhattan College, NY, The Bronx, Riverdale Section

• Located across from Van Cortland Park in The Bronx
• Riverdale – Upscale safe area – Safest area in the Bronx
• 3100 undergrads
• 25% commuter but not a suitcase school, meaning resident students who would go home on the weekends
• Smaller classes – no lecture, Largest class up to 40 students
• La Salle Catholic order affiliation
• No TA’s or grad assistants teaching classes
• Professors are accessible
• 3 religion classes required
• Very clean campus
• Housing guaranteed all four years
• Career mentor program where you can being a mentee for someone in your desired career
• Easy transportation into Manhattan – Subway #1 train right there
• Plenty of internship opportunities due to close proximity to Manhattan
• 5 year education Aaster’s program
• Recently started an MBA program
• Supportive academic environment
• Student to faculty ratio – 12:1
• Strongest/Top majors – Engineering, Business, Science, Health, education
• Have a Communications program
• Civil engineering most popular engineering major
• Interview – recommended, especially for those who have something to discuss relating to their academics. Interview is evaluative
• 1100-1240 New SAT, 22-26 ACT, do not Superscore ACT but will Superscore SAT
vApply to a specific school, apply to liberal arts if undecided but essentially have the same admission requirements across the board. For Engineering applicants need to see strong science and math grades – pre calculus taken in high school like to see but not required, calculus not required
• Admit Rate – 60%
• Somewhat consider demonstrated interest – Keep track of visits, won’t hold it against a student if hasn’t visited
• Students are very community service oriented
• Cross over schools – Iona, Fordham, St John’s
• Most applicants from the Tri state area
• 80% of freshman live on campus
• Greek Life – Minimal part of student life
• Merit Aid based on test scores and GPA – $3k – $25k
• FAFSA only required for financial aid
• $57K COA

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