Maryland Institute College Arts

Maryland Institute College of the Arts, Baltimore, Maryland

• Can customize undergrad education
• Cross pollination amongst majors
• An art college that takes liberal arts seriously
• 2/3 studio classes and 1/3 academic first year (foundation year)
• Looking for artistically and academically gifted students who are intellectually curious and artistically talented
• Artist who benefits from a multi disciplinary curriculum
• On transcript look at art classes, English, history, humanities
• Only require 1 math class to graduate with a BFA
• Close network of people while at MICA as well as leaving MICA
• Career development office, integrated into curriculum
• Refining technical skill and creative thinking
• 3000 applicants, 51% accepted, 435 attended
• Apply to the school, not a particular major
• Foundation year exposes students to a variety of disciplines
• Crossover schools: RISDI, SAIC in Chicago, Cal Arts
• International applicants growing and actively being, recruited
• Academic performance: Unweighted GPA, 3.45, ranging 2.8 to 4.0
• Interview and in person portfolio review encouraged
• Need blind where applications reviewed without knowing their financial aid status
• Merit aid based on the portfolio and academic based
• Demonstrated interest is important, attending national portfolio date, campus visit…etc.
• 10:1 student to faculty ratio
• 17 – 18 students per class
• Faculty invested in students
• Freshman and sophomore students required to live on campus
• All apartment style housing
• Fiber and architectural majors

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