McDaniel College, Westminster, Maryland

– Looking for ways to admit a student, not reject
– Challenge of courses taken
– Test optional policy, top 10% of class or average core GPA 3.5 to be test optional
– Above 1000 on test scores will help you with scholarship money
– Counselor and 1 teacher recommendation. If you can’t get a quality teacher recommendation get a quality recommendation outside of school
– Located in the suburbs/more rural are outside of Baltimore
– The McDaniel Plan : flexible, rather than taking specific courses it’s more component based, liberal arts and science courses, major/minor courses, guide post courses taking student from freshman to heading to graduate school and/or professional world
– 30 1st year seminar courses – focus on time management skills
– Professor reaches out to each student
– Sophomore year – interdisciplinary studies, communication skills, understanding and respecting different opinions
– Decide major by junior year
– Junior year – Writing and discipline courses related to your field
– Senior year – Capstone project, thesis based work, could be an internship and write a reflection, End of 4 years you have a project to take with you
– Liberal arts: 4 components: global citizenship, which includes international cultural courses; scientific inquiry and quantitative reasoning; includes math, science, logic, philosophy and religion, problem solve; social cultural and historical understanding, searching lit reviews, finding primary sources; creative expression, original thought, your ideas about a topic
– Major/minor courses over lap with liberal arts courses
– Psych, business and exercise science most popular majors
– Education is strong, with 3 guaranteed internships
– Does not consider demonstrated interest when reviewing acceptance
– Interview encouraged with students that struggle
– Apply in general to the school and not to a particular major
– Doesn’t require an internship, 50% of students do internships
– Crossover schools, overlap with schools in Colleges That Change Lives book, Centennial conference schools Gettysburg, Muhlenberg
– Type of student that will thrive here: Be brave. The McDaniel plan you will have the freedom to do a lot of things. Hard working, self-driven, make connections with professors
– 65% students come from within 500 miles, Northeast.
– 40% are 1st generation, 35% multi cultural
– COA $50,200
– Need blind in admissions process
– International students can get merit aid, not financial aid
– 80% of need met
– Average net price is $28k
– Very supportive for the LD academic community
– Have three different levels of support programs that are fee-based: Base program there is no fee, can come to campus early to have the LD population assimilate
– 67% admit rate
– FAFSA for financial aid
– 20% Greek life
– Weekend blitz trips 2-3 times per month to Philly, NY, Hershey, Broadway show
– Shuttle offered every day to go to the metro station to go into Baltimore or DC
– Campus in Budapest Hungary, Brussels, Zimbabwe and Glasgow, financial aid will transfer
– 75% graduate in 4 years, 80% retention rate
– Very nice athletic fields: football, soccer, and baseball. Have tennis courts and a 9-hole golf course

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