Middle Tennessee State University


MTSU is a mid-sized institution just outside of Nashville that provides excellent opportunities in a variety of areas including the recording industry, animation, aerospace and engineering. With a goal to provide access, who wouldn’t want to be “True Blue?”

• Undergraduate enrollment – 20K+
• Admit rate – 68%
• Financial Aid forms required – FAFSA
• Retention rate – 35%
• Test scores required!
• MTSU application only

• Strongest majors include: Music, Audio Engineering, Animation and Nursing
• Recent investment in science with $150M state of the art science building
• Multiple Aerospace majors including professional pilot concentration
– multiple simulation labs
– 40+ planes
– Partners with Southwest & Delta which guarantee interviews
• First public Honors College in TN
– No application
– First-year applicants with 3.5 GPA, 1200 SAT or 25 ACT
– Access to priority registration
– Additional advisor
– Smaller honors classes
– Senior thesis required for notation on diploma
• Animation is #1 in TN with state of the art equipment for students to use
• Students can apply for research funding

• Primarily serving Tennessee but growing in geographical diversity
• Only 3000 students live on campus, so weekends may be quieter
• Greek Life
• 17 DI sports including football
• LGBTQ+ community

Visit the Middle Tennessee State University website.

photo courtesy Middle Tennessee State University