Monmouth University

Monmouth University, Long Branch, NJ

• 1933 began as a junior college in Long Branch, NJ
• In the 1950’s Woolworth estate was donated to the town and then Monmouth acquired it and Monmouth 4 year institution was established
• 4300 undergrad, 2000 graduates
• 1 mile to the beach, 1 hour from NYC and Philly, very nice suburban area
• Environmental and Biology Policy program – very popular
• Liberal Arts school
• Large business school
• Communications and Broadcasting
• Education program
• 1450 – 1720 on mid 50%, looking at all 3 parts
• ACT 23-24
• GPA 3.3
• Admit rate just over 60%
• Students primarily from NJ, 25% from out of state
• Div I athletics
• Ryder, Seton Hall, Marist and Quinnipiac crossover schools
• Football, soccer, Lacrosse, swimming, bowling team…etc.
• 83% of freshman live on campus
• COA $46K
• Merit scholarship based on GPA and Test scores. On web site can calculate merit aid, in state up to $17K, out of state up to $21K
• FAFSA school
• Track demonstrated interest, minor part of admissions process
• Admit into school, except into nursing program, that is direct entry, BSN and a masters and doctorate nursing program
• Physicians Assistant program
• 20% Greek life
• Not a specific LD program but have accommodations, tutoring, writing and math center, peer and faculty tutoring
• Avg class size 25, largest class is 35, no large lecture classes
• 14:1 student to faculty ratio
• Partnership with Washington DC program
• Graphic design and animation

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