Muhlenberg College

Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA

• Test optional – If you don’t submit tests then you are required to interview and submit a graded paper. Will not be considered for merit aid
• Merit aid – $1,000 – $20,000, allotted for GPA and test scores
• Average: 28 ACT average, old SAT 1240
• Early read for both merit aid and financial aid but not bound to commit to school
• CSS Profile required
• Active, friendly students, participatory, collaborative
• Interview is highly recommended
• Apply in general, not to a specific major
• Known for their theatre and sciences (Bio and neuroscience)
• Don’t need to submit a portfolio or audition but can help and will be eligible for a talent scholarship
• Focused majors: Accounting (certified to take CPA exam) Economics, Business and finance –
• Non Early Decision (ED) admit rate is about 35%, All around 48%. 50% of incoming class are taken ED
• PT and OT degrees collaborating with Thomas Jefferson University
• Strongly consider demonstrated interest during admissions process
• Average grant is $23k
• 25% participate in Greek life
• Nice town on Hamilton Ave.
• Strong in the arts and athletics (soccer, lacrosse, basketball, ice hockey)
• Kids not worried about social status, inclusive of different kinds of people, can be off the beat and path
• Lafayette, Franklin and Marshall, Binghamton, Dickinson

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