Naropa University

Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado

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• 397 undergraduates
• 8:1 student to faculty ratio
• 80% acceptance rate
• Mid 50% SAT/ACT scores not reported
• 78% retention rate – Freshman returning for their sophomore year
• No varsity sports
• 7% of students who have no financial need receive on average $4,500
• 68% of financial need met
• Full undergraduate institution since 1995, established about 40 years ago
• Private university
• Contemplative liberal arts education – emphasis on how to train students through what they learn in the classroom with the outside world
• Students who are interested and eager in making a difference in the world using the whole person
• 2 campuses and integrate with taking classes at U of Colorado Boulder
• Students are looking for a greater meaning
• Collaborative environment between staff and students
• 1000 students total, 700 graduate students focusing predominantly on psychology
• Not a traditional school, no math and science courses except the basics
• Student who wants self awareness, getting to know yourself
• All apartment-style living
• Small cafe but mostly students manage their own meals, with meal cards for surrounding grocery stores and restaurants
• Good percentage of students who are classified as an independent student from an age standpoint, age 24 or older
• A good amount of transfer students
• Art Therapy, Peace Studies, Environmental Studies, Early Child Education
• A lot of community, everyone knows everybody
• Social Justice
• Experimental learning, alternative education
• “Transform yourself to transform the world”
• A more mature student body
• Gain a deeper understanding of the world through understanding yourself and others
• Can design your own major

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