New York University

New York University, NY, NY

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I’ve spent most of my life here, well, in and around the surrounding areas, and I am never at a lack of being in awe when I’m here, in the center of it all. Walking from Grand Central Station, downtown, through Union Square and into the Village, right across the way from Washington Square, you come into NYU territory. A city building, an NYU building, you can’t tell the difference but if you are here, you don’t care. NYC is your campus, “a campus without walls” is their motto, and you have everything and more that you could ever want at a university that offers everything from the arts, to business, engineering and beyond, and where “global” is a great part of their foundation. Welcome to NYU and experience it all in one of the largest and most notable cities in the world.

• Private
• Undergraduate enrollment – 26,417
• Admit rate – 16% (ED rate – 39%)
• Financial Aid forms required – FAFSA, CSS Profile
• Retention rate – 93%
• Mid 50% SAT/ACT range – 660-790/30-34
• Student to faculty ratio – 9:1
• More than 40% of students study abroad, 100% of their credits get applied to their degree
• Additional campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai
• Incredibly diverse campus interacting with people from all walks of life
• Founded In 1831
• At the forefront of diversity and inclusion – One of the 1st universities that admitted women and African Americans
• Supplemental essay, Why NYU – Very important. How will NYU change you and you will change NYU. Research professors, how can you see yourself in a non traditional campus…Don’t regurgitate what are in the brochures
• Received 85,000 applications for the incoming class of 2019
• Read applications by territory. Know who your regional representative is. They are at College fairs and other college events. They are your best advocate for understanding what is expected
• No admissions interviews
• Apply directly to a major – Can apply undecided, College of Arts and Sciences
• 230+ majors and 10 undergraduate colleges
• Admissions counselors Look at you in the context of your high school
• Testing matters. Not the most important piece
• First and foremost admissions spends time on your transcript. Most important. Don’t care about rank
• After transcript, they look at your letters of recommendation
• Some programs require a portfolio or audition
• For extracurricular activities – Looking for commitment and engagement. Not impressed with minimal participation
• If Applying for the arts, submitting testing is optional. Don’t submit if not in the middle 50%. Your portfolio and audition are most important
• Early Decision 1, submit by 11/1 and hear by 12/15, and 2, submit by 1/1 and hear by 2/15
• If you Apply early decision and it just isn’t financially feasible, your application can be rescinded (Within reason)
• If applying for the arts submit your application at least a month early from the deadline
• Very limited merit based aid, predominantly financial need based
• 11 academic centers around the world
• First year study away program for liberal studies core program – London, Paris, Florence and DC
• Gallatin School of Individualized Study – Design your own course of study
• Tandon School of Engineering located in Brooklyn
• 93% of students participate in internships
• Housing is guaranteed for all 4 years

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