Northeastern University, Boston, MA

– 13,510 undergraduate students
– Embedded into the city of Boston located in the Boston Symphony/Huntington Ave./Museum of Fine Arts section
– Grandfather of the Coop/Internship program – For over a century
– Non traditional college environment
– Students who are interested in engaging in the world, independent
– Global experiential opportunities, over 176 cities around the world
– Boston if the ultimate college town – 250,000 students come each Fall
– Diverse and international student body
– Students can create their academic experience
– Rigorous academic environment
– Strong Honors curriculum
– Strong pre professional programs – Pre Vet, Law…etc.
– Lively Discussion and engaging classroom environment
– 13:1 student to faculty ratio
– Average class size 24 students
– Over 150 majors, 8 different colleges, but can take courses across colleges
– Program for undeclared students, guaranteed a spot once major is declared
– All students complete a core curriculum – Involves 11 different qualities that fulfill that requirement
– “Plus 1” accelerated masters program for many majors, 3.5 GPA required
– 3+3 program for Law, indicate you are interested in a pre law track during application process
– There is Greek life if you choose to participate, 15% participate but no pressure to do so
– Apply to one of the 8 colleges or undeclared program but can switch after you attend
– Solid and rich learning disabilities support program
– Common App and Coalition App for 2016/2017
– 6 month coop, 92% of students do at least 1 coop. Not all majors require a coop to graduate. Can do 1, 2 or 3 coops. If doing 3 will attend for 5 years
– Majority of coop experiences are paid, average $17 per hour. Do not pay tuition or room/board if not living on campus during coop
– 3,000 coop partnerships
– Research institution, can get involved freshman year
– Building a new science and engineering building
– IDEA – Venture Capital resource for entrepreneurial students
– Offer on campus housing for all 4 years
– All freshman are living in living/learning communities, green living, engineering, cinema floor..etc. Note floor you prefer on application
– Over 340 clubs and organizations
– Holistic review process, thorough yet concise. Review entire application
– Superscore both ACT and SAT
– Cannot Superscore old SAT with new SAT, writing section no longer required on new SAT and no additional test requirements
– Admit rate 28%, 50K+ applicants for a class of 2,800
– 3.9-4.3, SAT 2079-2230, ACT 31-34
– 8 semesters of guaranteed financial aid package
– Will only reevaluate financial aid if you choose to
– Some full tuition scholarships
– Have an academic and a coop advisor
– “Food is awesome”, coming from one of the students

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