Northwestern University

Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill

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A school that needs no introduction, right on Lake Michigan and has a beach on campus to boot. Located in Evanston, a high end small city with beautiful homes, many of which overlook the lake. Regal, stone buildings, striking architecture, and yes, you now have arrived at Northwestern University. Enriched academics and a diverse student body. A place to thrive, if you make it happen.

• Private
• Undergraduate enrollment – 8,700
• Admit rate – 9%
• Financial Aid forms required – FAFSA, CSS Profile
• Retention rate – 98%
• Mid 50% SAT/ACT range – 700-790/32-34
• Student to faculty ratio – 6:1
• Student body of geographic and academic interest diversity
• Interdisciplinary and flexible curriculum
• 6 undergraduate schools – School of Education and Social Policy, School of Communication, School of Music, School of Engineering, School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications, and College of Arts and Sciences
• Apply directly to a school/College
• Can take courses at all of the 6 schools
• 80% of courses have fewer than 20 students
• 100% of faculty required to hold office hours
• 1,200 full-time faculty
• 4 academic terms – Most attend fall, winter and spring terms
• Take an average of 4 classes per quarter, provides the ability to double major
• The Garage – Place where students can create and foster their ideas to start a business
• A large percentage of student participate in undergraduate research
• Have a summer internship grant program that a student can apply for to fund their opportunity
• Downtown Evanston is within walking distance and a quintessential college town
• Has a north and south campus, both within walking distance
• 45 minutes from downtown Chicago
• Early decision and regular decision application types
• Admissions look at the student in the context of their background, what was available and how they performed
• Subject tests are optional
• Review Test scores as they relate to other students scores from your high school
• 2-3 letters of recommendation max
• Essays: It’s not about what you write about but how you write it
• “Why Northwestern” essay – Be substantive, do your research
• 50% of the incoming class comes from The early decision pool
• Committed to meeting all demonstrated financial need; have gone loan free over the past several years
• Net price calculator very accurate as long as you complete it correctly

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