Olympic Training Center, Colorado

Olympic Training Center Colorado Spings, Colorado

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No Regrets.

That is what I tell every student and family I work with at the beginning and throughout their college admissions journey. When it’s May 1 of your senior year and you make your college choice, sending in the deposit to the school that you have decided to attend that Fall, you want to be able to know unequivocally that you have left no stone unturned and done everything in your power to maximize your options, having done your due diligence to understand the colleges that fit you best, socially, academically, financially and emotionally. You don’t want to be saying to yourself “I wish that I tried harder in high school to earn better grades, I wish I visited more schools to understand what school is best for me, I wish that I prepped more for the Sat’s or ACT’s to maximize my scores, I wish I started my college admissions process earlier to be sure that I did everything I could in making this important decision to start the next chapter of my life……”

You can’t change the past but you can look to the future, plan, control and manage what is within your ability. You have more control than you think. Take advantage of it all.

During my recent trip to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs I saw a photo of Apolo Ohno, the US Olympic short track speed skater, with his mantra being “Zero regrets”. I thought of all of my students, past, current and future.

The Olympics emote such emotions in me, thinking of our country and all the athletes that have worked their whole lives to participate and represent our country with 205 other nations. I was fortunate enough to walk the halls where many of these incredible athletes trained to become one of the few elite to be called an Olympian.

Although this is not about college, we can all learn from these intense and superhuman people.