Pace University NYC Campus

Pace University, New York, NY

• Located in the heart of the financial district
• Vertical campus
• 5000 undergrads NYC campus
• Heavy internship involvement and opportunities
• 5 residence halls within 5 blocks
• 70 percent of 1st year students live on campus
• 40 percent upper class men live on campus
• Avg 18-24 students per class, max 30, largest lecture hall seats 125
• Classes always taught by a professor, 79% are adjunct professors
• Dyson College of Arts and Science – over 50 majors
• Performing Arts – Accept 20-25 students per major. Highly competitive
• If on a sports team have to live on the Westchester campus
• 10 minute walk to the seaport, located right by the Brooklyn Bridge
• Lubin School of Business – Trading floor, can become Bloomberg certified
• Every residence hall has their own gym
• Strong majors – Business, Computer science, Performing arts
• Don’t really consider demonstrated interest during admissions process
• Can apply undecided and then declare your major later
• Pull predominantly from Tri state area/northeast but have students from all over the country and international as well
• Can change campuses easily as long as your major is offered at the other campus

Visit the Pace University – NYC Campus website.