Please Note: This questionnaire is sent to Signature College Counseling students and families only. Once submitted, both you and Signature College Counseling will receive a copy. Please do not share this link with others. Thank you!

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Students: Answer the following questions from your perspective. Being honest is very important so we can work together to identify the best selection of schools for your college career.
Parents: Answer the following questions, from your perspective, in what you feel best fits and describes your child. This is important so we can share our thoughts and have a mutual agreement on where we are headed.
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College Search Questionnaire

1) Size of School/Student Body Characteristics

Class Size/ My Grade
Small Classes: Fewer than 30 students
Large Classes: More than 100 students
Class Interaction
Size of School Preference (Check all that apply)

2) Academic Environment

Intellectual & Social Emphasis
Academic Preparation

3) Religion

Similar Religious Background

4) Cost/Financial Aid

Cost Factor
Competitive College Vs. Financial Aid
If you prefer to discuss this off line, or if finances are not going to be a consideration in college selection, please let me know.

5) Student Body Characteristics

Check the top 5 – 7 qualities that describe the types of students with whom you would enjoy going to school. If there is a characteristic that is not listed, please write it below.
What words describe those students you would like to go to school with?

6) Student Life

Check any of the following that are important to you so I consider them when researching colleges for you:

7) Activities

Will you be participating in Div I, II or III athletics?

Other Choices

Distance from Home
College Name/ Prestige
Which of these options sound appealing to you as you think about the kind of place in which you will be comfortable? Check any (or all):
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