Please Note: This questionnaire is sent to Signature College Counseling students and families only. Once submitted, both you and Signature College Counseling will receive a copy. Please do not share this link with others. Thank you!

  • Students: Answer the following questions from your perspective. Being honest is very important so we can work together to identify the best selection of schools for your college career.
  • Parents: Answer the following questions, from your perspective, in what you feel best fits and describes your child. This is important so we can share our thoughts and have a mutual agreement on where we are headed.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • College Search Questionnaire

  • 1) Size of School/Student Body Characteristics

    Small Classes: Fewer than 30 students
    Large Classes: More than 100 students
  • 2) Academic Environment

  • 3) Religion

  • 4) Cost/Financial Aid

  • If you prefer to discuss this off line, or if finances are not going to be a consideration in college selection, please let me know.
  • 5) Student Body Characteristics

  • Check the top 5 – 7 qualities that describe the types of students with whom you would enjoy going to school. If there is a characteristic that is not listed, please write it below.
  • 6) Student Life

  • 7) Activities

  • Other Choices