Providence College

Providence College, Providence, Rhode Island

As you pull into the front gate of Providence College you face a beautiful stone building, a well manicured campus with a spiritual feeling. There is a Catholic flair and there are no excuses or hiding from it. The Friars walk freely amongst the campus and you can feel the giving and community nature of the student body.
• 4,000 students
• Catholic Liberal Arts College
• Only Dominican run college in the country
• 40-50 Friars live on campus
• Small class sizes, average class size is 20
• 11:1 student to faculty
• Catholic identity
• 2 theology classes as part of their core curriculum
• Most students identify as Catholic
• Offer masses
• Involved in the community
• Division I – No football
• Bus stop on campus, public transportation free for students to head into Providence
• Cross over schools – Villanova, Holy Cross, Northeastern, Boston College, Loyola MD, and Fairfield
• 2 most competitive majors: Business and Biology
• No classes over 100 students, 85% have 30 students or less
• Development of Western Civilization Program, cornerstone of LA curriculum, required for all students
• Apply to Providence College overall, but if applying to Business or Biology focus on specific courses, such as Pre Calc
• Demonstrated interest doesn’t necessarily play a part of the admissions process, optional interviews but non-evaluative
• Unique major: Health Policy and Management, Public and Community Service for students who want to work with non-profits
• 60% of the students from New England, 30% from Mid Atlantic
• Not a suitcase school
• Test optional, assign a strength grade to curriculum during admissions process
• Unweighted GPA 3.6
• No Greek life
• Curriculum is relatively structured
• Students are involved, engaged, leaders, want to give back
• Involved in extracurricular activities
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