Rising Seniors – Start Working on Your College Applications!

Rising Seniors – Start Working on Your College Applications!

It’s a special time for those rising SENIORS!

We get it, we really do. You just want to cruise this summer into your senior year. Or maybe you don’t. Read further for those who think cruising is an option.

There will be plenty of time for that after you’ve accomplished those important tasks for your college admissions journey. Now is the time to put the pedal to the metal, yes, it’s crunch time. Let’s review.

Student resume: Why put this off? You know all your accomplishments, clubs joined, volunteer or paid jobs you’ve had. Jot them down on your tablet or phone. 80% of colleges either require or recommend you submit one. Besides, with any college application you will need to list all of your activities. Creating your resume is the stepping stone to getting this done.

College essay: This could be a big task checked off! In addition to your primary essay, you know, the one that gets sent to all college’s, there are supplemental essays that some colleges ask for specific to them. Review the colleges you KNOW you will be applying to and check out if they have supplemental essay prompts and if so, what they are. This is something you can complete prior to starting your senior year and checking this off of your list.

College applications: Just like you checked out the essay prompt(s), review what the applications will require. Are your college’s a member of the Common App, do they have their own proprietary application or do they require you to complete the Coalition application? How many teacher letters of recommendations are required; do they want you to self-report your grades? And you can begin to complete many of these applications this summer, with the Common App becoming available August 1.

I’m always big into the planning, to not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Think about it. Your life will be MUCH more pleasant if you heed the above advice.