Rising Seniors Take Note: August 1

Rising Seniors Take Note: August 1

Rising Seniors Take Note: August 1 The most important day of the year is…For the incoming high school senior, the most important day of the year is not the Senior skip day, or graduation gown measurement day, no, not even graduation day.

On this date, literally millions of students will be going online to find out some very important information.

OK, we’re getting annoying now. Here’s a clue. Think college.

Yes, on August 1, most colleges will release their applications with their essay prompts and supplemental questions.

Why are we telling you this? Because not many of our students have either been told this, or remembered it if they had. Or even if they have been told this, have they done something about it?!?

Start the Essay… Now!

From August 1 to the first day of senior year, those days are typically quiet as camps are completed, and sport activities have not yet kicked into full gear yet, so you have this precious window of opportunity to complete your applications, review the essay prompts, write your essays and make specific notes as you go, including deadlines.

While they’re just one part of the whole application process, essays still need to be well-written, thoughtful, and edited more than once. As the senior year’s workload starts piling up (on day 1 it seems!), think of how amazing you’ll feel knowing you got that head start, that your applications are completed, essays have been written, proofread and you’ve applied to most or all of your schools! That, vs. feeling overwhelmed with school work AND knowing that you still have all of your college application work ahead of you. Which path will you choose?

OK, so maybe August 1 isn’t quite the most important day of the year but you catch my drift, it can ease a lot of pain and unnecessary self-induced stress.

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