Sarah Lawrence College

Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, New York

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Sarah Lawrence College is one of the most unusual college I have visited to date. I very much enjoyed the beautiful campus and the Admissions staff we interacted with.

What do I mean by unusual? No majors, everyone graduates with the same degree, maximum class size of 15 for their conference classes (90% of a student’s curriculum), 3 classes per semester worth 5 credits each where a 30+ page research paper is written and presented in lieu of the final exam for each class, students interview the professors prior to registering for classes, professors meet with their students on a frequent and consistent basis as part of the curriculum, 1st year students meet with their Advisor (called their Don) 1 x per week….I could go on and on.

Very impressed and for the student that wants to explore and is progressive this could be the college for you. Enjoy the photos!

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