Scholarships: Maybe you CAN Afford that College

College Scholarships:

Maybe you CAN afford that college that you think is out of reach.
You see that price tag: $59,000, per year. Ugh. You’re thinking, “Sorry, honey, we really can’t afford to send you to that college”, but wait… maybe you can!

Many feel that small, private schools are expensive, but keep in mind that they also have endowments that can bring the price tag down 20%, 30% or more.

Take for example a current client of mine. The student has good grades; high 80s, low 90s. Regular courses, not accelerated. Grades to be proud of, but not out of this world. A 77 in Chemistry and no language for 4 years. But he also has a track record of meaningful and varied volunteer work.

He visited each college he applied to, and sent a hand-written thank you note to each Admissions Director, as we suggested.

He also wrote a distinctive essay, making sure the grammar and spelling were correct. His essay was a personal reflection, a small story about growing up in a family where there were health issues. The story was meaningful, heartfelt and his own. Perhaps this may have helped the admission counselor move his application to the YES pile.

He did it right, because much to his surprise, he was granted scholarship money ranging from $14,000-$19,000 PER year for each of the 4 years from his top choice schools. With tuition, room and board to these schools in the $58,000-59,000 range, these scholarships bring the cost down considerably. They are now in the financial range of larger public Universities.

The family is awaiting word on other financial aid possibilities, but they feel relieved that there is this additional financial cushion, AND that these schools see something special in their son who really want him to attend.

I always say never judge a college by its sticker price. All colleges aren’t created equal and understanding this when you are deciding which schools to apply to is critical in your college admissions journey.

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