Searching for Colleges by Major

If you want to search for colleges by major to see which schools have majors that are of interest to you and you are not sure where to get started, you’re in the right place. It is daunting to embark on such a search with the entire internet at your disposal. There are plenty of places online and off where you can search for colleges by major, but be careful what you ask for. It can be overwhelming. Once you get that list, then where do you go? We tackle it all below!

Great Places to Search for Colleges by Major

Here are some places we recommend, whether they be on our faithful friend, the internet, or, ah yes, hard copy, to help you search for schools by major.

1. College Board’s Big Future

Yep, there is a wealth of information through the College Board, Big Future. Click on MAJORS and the type in the major you are looking for. Click on SHOW COLLEGES and a list will appear. Most probably a very long list, but a list nonetheless.

2. College Board’s Book of Majors

Book of Majors is a thick, hard copy book that lists colleges for a vast majority of majors, by state, but also has a detailed explanation of a significant number of majors and details associated with each. You can order this from Amazon (the link is above).

3. Google “Colleges that are known for [MAJOR]” or “Top colleges for [MAJOR]”

These searches will provide you with a list of links to a variety of schools that have that particular major. Be careful to be sure that the source you are looking at is reputable.

4. College Navigator

Go to College Navigator, click on “Browse For Programs”, then select your major(s) from their list, click on SHOW RESULTS and the list of schools will appear to your right. You can also further delineate your list by geographic area and other filters as well.

5. College Data

You can go to College Data, which has a vast amount of information provided by the colleges themselves. You can search by location, student body size and other characteristics, admissions and outcomes, financials, sports as well as academics.

The above list is far from exhaustive. Your search can go on and on and on as you dig deeper online to find colleges that offer the major, or anything for that matter, that you are looking for.

Once You Compile a List of Colleges with Your Major, What Do You Then Do?

How do you know where to begin when a list of 500 colleges, or more, are returned to you? How will the colleges fit you socially, academically, financially and emotionally? I’ve written more blogs on college search that you can find here. And to help you sift through the very long lists that you will achieve after using the internet, you should read our blogs on what to consider when researching colleges, or how to find the best college for me. And for a full list of our blogs as they relate to college search, go to our College Search News page.

No matter what you do, going on the internet or leafing through a book is only the very beginning. You have just touched the surface on finding your right set of colleges to apply to. It takes time, effort, diligence and paying attention to detail, as well as visiting colleges, to understand what schools are going to be best fit for you. Don’t let anyone fool you into believing anything other than that. This is the most important decision you are going to make in your life to date, where you will make your home away from home for the next four years and where you and/or your parents will be spending a lot of money to fund this part of your life. Don’t take it lightly, take it very, very seriously. Give it its due.

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