Have You Seen Enough Colleges?

Have You Seen Enough Colleges?

Some of you are going to love the college search process, some are going to throw your hands up in surrender after one visit. Or, you may just throw down your luggage and take a nap.

There’s plenty of time for napping AFTER your visits. Like it or not, it’s a task well worthwhile, and a satisfying feeling to know you’re doing your due diligence in your college journey. (See “How many colleges I should apply to?” https://www.signaturecollegecounseling.com/how-many-colleges-should-i-apply-to/)

Begin with keeping to the schools on your list. Give each one a chance. If your budget doesn’t allow for the trip out West, down South, up North, then do as much research via the internet, but don’t discount it. There was a reason that you included it on your list; consider it an exercise in discipline: a most handy virtue when off to college. This doesn’t mean you can’t add or subtract as you move along in the process, on the contrary, that is VERY important, but it’s all about the discovery and honing in on the schools that are right for you to apply to.

But, when you’re done, pat yourself on your back. You’ve earned it, and make sure to thank all those who made it possible, the family members and friends who supported you, either financially, or by just being there.

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