Self-Reported Academic Record, SRAR: Do I Need to Complete It?

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What is a SRAR and do I need to complete it?

So, you’ve submitted all of your applications and you breathe a sigh of relief. Woohoo! I’m golden! Well, possibly not. Check your college portals since some schools ALSO want you to complete a Self-Reported Academic Record. What in the world is this?

Some Require, Others Do Not

Some colleges want you to self-report all of your high school courses and final grades, and some want you to self-report your test scores, and won’t review your application for admissions until you do. Some schools that require this are Penn State, Virginia Tech, University of Delaware, to name a few. Keep an eye out for emails after you submit your application and be sure you look closely at what is required for your application to be completed and, if you have to complete a SRAR, do so in short order so you are well on your way for your application package to be complete.

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