SUNY Stony Brook

SUNY Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY

• Let’s start by saying that Stony Brook is 97 miles from my house and it took me 3 hours drive time to get here. Just something you should consider. If you have a helicopter I suggest you use that mode of transportation instead.
• Suburban area, no town within walking distance but shopping strip centers are a few miles away
• Very near the water, 10 minutes Port Jefferson, 3 miles north west meadow beach, 10 minutes Smith Haven Mall
• Shuttle bus to shopping areas
• Long Island railroad on campus
• 16,000 undergrad students, 8,000 graduate
• No early action or early decision, January 15 deadline
• 9,000 students live on campus, 90% of freshman live on campus, 75% stay on campus on the weekends
• Most competitive majors, bio medical engineering, nursing
• Popular majors – Business, journalism
• School of marine and atmospheric sciences, meteorologist major, marine biology
• Health sciences – broad base of majors, housed inside university hospital
• 70% from NY state, majority from NYC
• Independent students, self sufficient thrive here
• High research university for undergrads in all fields
• Heavy into internships
• Known for science and math but includes other majors as well
• Nursing is not a freshman admit and need to transfer in. Highly competitive
• Don’t track demonstrated interest in admissions
• Academic and tests count
• 35,000 applications, 40% admit rate, 95, 1300 clearly admissible, even a 90 and. 1200 SAT, 26-30 ACT
• Minimal “Greek” life, 10% participation
• Engineering schools, RPI, MIT, UVM, UMass
• 90% retention rate
• Freshman housing chosen by interest, advisors in freshman housing
• 35,000 applicants
• No car until junior status if living on campus
• Education – offer 5 year bachelors/masters program
• Health sciences cannot be admitted to until junior year
• Study abroad – agreements with 30 countries, but have access to other study abroad through other SUNY schools
• Agreements with colleges and universities in all 50 states if you would like to spend a semester other than at Stony Brook
• Larger classes, Engineering less than 40, Arts and Sciences less than 50
• AP credits – need a 3 or better in the exam
• Some classes taught by graduate students

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