Swarthmore College

Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

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Swatties are steeped in the Quaker values of responsible stewardship, access & equity, and collaboration. Some examples of how they live these values can be seen in their commitment to net-zero emissions by 2035, a “cash-free” campus (no additional fees for clubs, events, metro, and more), and student input across campus. Also worth noting is its breathtaking campus which encompasses an expansive arboretum.

• Private
• Undergraduate enrollment – 1650
• Admit rate – 6%
• Financial Aid forms required – FAFSA & CSS
• Retention rate – 96%
• Currently Test Optional
• Average Class size – 20
• Student to faculty ratio – 8:1

• Offers 4 year ABET accredited engineering program
• Part of 2 consortiums that expands offerings both academically and socially
• Among its unique offerings is a pass/fail first semester allowing students to transition to college with only “shadow” grades to help better understand the expectations of this rigorous environment
• Curriculum includes distribution requirements – 3 humanities, 3 natural sciences, 3 social sciences

• Students are collaborative and many study multiple disciplines through double majors and/or multiple minors
• Weekend life varies, students can find activities on-campus or take advantage of their free metro cards to explore off campus in Philadelphia or nearby Media
• 50% identify as students of color
• Traditions include a build your own boat regatta and friendly student pranks
• Swat attracts students from around the globe
• No Greek Life

• Applications are read in committee, meaning no one person is the sole decision-maker
• Students can indicate an area of interest on their application, but all start as undecided
• By the end of Sophomore year, students develop an academic plan with their academic advisor
• Students choose course majors (more traditional focusing on breadth) or honors majors (more in-depth, fewer classes at double credit). Those interested in an honors major will need to indicate this interest on their initial application
• Interviews are optional and conducted by admissions reps, students, or alumni
• Demonstrated Interest not considered

• Domestic applications are read need-blind, international are need-aware
• 100% of need is met without any loans

Visit the Swarthmore College website.