Some kind words from our clients.

“Over the 5 years I worked with Liz, I can safely say that she was one of the most beneficial parts of my college process. She is intensely knowledgeable about colleges and truly gets to know her students. I truly recommend her services.”

~Caleb, Student

Starting on day 1, Liz took the time to understand our daughter, her requirements, and what type of school is best for her. She simplified and outlined the process to us and scheduled regular meetings with us. Liz is super organized, keeping track of action items and helping us with specific questions. Liz was always available to answer our questions, we didn’t have to wait for our meetings. She introduced us to schools we would never have thought of and kept everyone focused. The overall experience was great and we strongly recommend Liz.”

~ Tamir Sigal, parent

“The thought of finding a college for our daughter was admittedly daunting. Liz was referred to us by a client of hers and came highly recommended. She took the time to carefully assess our needs and made recommendations that were insightful and clearly from experience. Liz was highly responsive throughout the process and we could not be happier with the ultimate result and choice of school our daughter made. Highly recommended!”

~David Magen, Parent

I cannot say how grateful we were to be able to work with Liz Levine. Applying for college is very stressful and it was so nice to work with such a professional. We worked with Liz in 2018 & again in 2020. Liz handled everything and it was such a relief to just enjoy the process. I highly recommend Liz Levine to parents starting the college search, she is very competent and you will not be disappointed. There are so many things you don’t know about applying for college and it is nice to have someone like Liz in your corner to guide you. Thank you Liz you are a true Angel.”

~ Tracy Scarazzini

“Working with Liz was one of the best decisions I made as a parent of a college-bound student. My daughter formed a wonderful relationship with Liz and absolutely loved working with her. So much less stress, big smiles and happiness coming out of this journey! Liz has tremendous expertise, experience and personal knowledge of the entire college process. She is extremely generous with her time and her organizational skills were just what we needed. Liz educated and guided us through each step of the college process. She gave my daughter the benefit of insight and experience into schools that were not even on her radar. In the end, my daughter was so excited to commit to a school that she would have never have thought about. I highly recommend her services!”

~Gail, Parent

“I can’t say enough about how wonderful this service, and Elizabeth specifically, was for our family. Both of our younger children used Elizabeth for their college search. Our youngest started from the very beginning with help finding colleges that fit what he was looking for academically, athletically, and artistically. (He does sports and theatre.) Elizabeth helped us narrow down our search, and actually found his perfect fit at a school we never even would have looked out without her recommendation. She kept us on top of deadlines for testing, visiting, and for applications. She walked us through every step of the complicated, convoluted application process, making sure we noted the many qualities that made our son a top applicant. And I believe her attention to his many attributes helped present him to colleges as a student worthy of notice and of merit scholarships. We didn’t hear about her until most of our older daughter’s applications were completed. Even though, she was helpful in finding us a professional to help organize my daughter’s layout of her essay, and check her grammar. If your child is beginning their college search, save yourself the heartache, and use Elizabeth. We had no help with our older two daughters, now in their late 20s, and the process has only gotten more complicated.”

~Carol, Parent

“Liz made our daughter feel welcome and engaged from our 1st visit. She clearly explained things in a way that was not condescending to a 17-year-old, and weighed all of our options. She followed up quickly with any questions or concerns. Put together a comprehensive list and pointed us in the right direction. I would really recommend Liz for anyone’s college search.”

~Amy, Parent

“Liz provided outstanding support during the entire college search and application process.”

~Tracy Ebenhoe

“Liz Levine (Signature College Counseling) was outstanding in providing an essential service for our son in his search for the perfect college. She took the time to meet with our son, get to know him and find out what he was looking for in a school. Liz took his interests and his love for tennis and provided a detailed list of schools that met his criteria. Our son ended up selecting a school that we as a family never would have considered until Liz put it on the list. At this time, our son is completing his freshman year and loves the school. He has had a great academic and athletic experience to date and has no regrets in his college decision. Liz took us through the entire process from applications, essay writing to financial aid. Liz was a pleasure to work with and my wife and I highly recommend her services.”

~ Gary Vyskocil, Parent, Cornwall, NY

“Liz at Signature College Counseling was a tremendous help to us! As we entered the process of sending our first son off to college it was overwhelming for us to know where to start. From the very beginning, she went over every aspect of how to choose a school and what requirements need to be met. She walked us through the entire process. We were lucky enough to use her expertise again with our second son who wanted to play lacrosse yet still go to a school that fit him perfectly. Thank you Liz for helping us find the right Colleges for our sons.”

~ Antonia Dilorenzo, Parent, Monroe, NY

“Liz Levine exceeded our expectations both professionally and personally. Her knowledge of the entire college application process was phenomenal. Aside from exceptional professionalism, Liz’s personal approach to my daughter’s college search was extraordinary.

She spent countless hours getting to truly know Abrianna and understanding the student and young lady she is. She thoroughly worked with her to narrow down the most absolute perfect school for her. Abrianna is attending a university we would have never even considered if it wasn’t for Liz.

Saying thank you is not enough for the impact and change she has made in both of our lives and in my daughter’s future. Liz you’re the best!”

~ Jeanette Rizzi, Parent, Monroe, NY

“We highly recommend Elizabeth Levine to anyone who needs help navigating the college search and decision process. She makes this extremely daunting and stressful process much more manageable.

With all the costs associated with visiting and choosing a college, hiring Liz to guide us through our college search was the best value for our dollar and the best decision we made. We all met to get to know each other and for Liz to learn what was important to each of us in a college experience. Her questions were comprehensive. She expanded our scope of potential schools based on our daughter’s intended major & interests and our concerns about cost & travel. Our daughter had preconceived notions about where she should go to school based on her academic class standing and other people’s expectations. This was putting a tremendous amount of self-induced pressure on our daughter. Liz alleviated this pressure and refocused our daughter to concentrate on colleges that would be the best fit for her based on a whole assortment of aspects, not just academics.

With Liz’s guidance our daughter has selected a great university and we feel she will have an amazing college experience!”

~ Debbie and Eric Evans, Parents, Washingtonville, NY

“To say, “I don’t know what we would have done without Liz”, doesn’t even begin to state all she did to help us through the college process. From start to finish, she has been there to answer every question and give my son the guidance he needed to make the right decisions. Thank you, Liz, and we look forward to working with you again with our daughter.”

~ Shari Price, Parent, Harriman, NY

“Sometimes people take time to help others, and their sacrifice is overlooked. Beyond what a scary process finding a college was for me, you made it simple and provided critical professionalism I needed. I can’t thank you enough for helping me with this huge step in my life. You’ve gone above what you had to do and I appreciate everything.”

~ Marquis Aquino, Student, Warwick, NY

“We are so very fortunate to have had Liz to assist us in our journey in finding the right school for our daughter Samantha. Liz kept us all on the right path throughout the process. You could not meet a more professional or dedicated person. Thanks to Liz, Samantha will be attending Sacred Heart University. Samantha fell in love with the school when we went there on Liz’s recommendation. She helped my daughter from start to finish during her college admissions process. As we started a little late, we would have been lost without her. She was able to get everything done in a quick time frame and are very pleased to also say that Samantha was accepted at 7 out of the 9 schools she applied to. You definitely could not find a more qualified or dedicated person in helping your future college applicant succeed.”

~ Wendy Depew, Parent, Newburgh, NY

Thank you Liz!!!! We truly would’ve been lost without you and all of your help and guidance.

~Jen Berry, Parent

“The process of applying for college was a daunting task. We made an appointment and met Liz Levine after a discouraging college visit. From that day on, Liz was always there for us. Liz’s extensive expertise as a college counselor provided our family with the tools needed, from the beginning of the college search to the end of the application process. Liz took the time to learn about my daughter’s goals, interests, and personality to determine the colleges that best fit and to which she should apply. She guided our daughter through every step of the process with skill and understanding. It was a pleasure working with Liz. She is an excellent college counselor that we would highly recommend. Our daughter will be attending the school of her dreams this fall, and we could not be any happier. Thank you Liz!!!”

~ Barbara and Bill Backus, Parents, Monroe, NY

“When my husband and I began to consider the college application process that our triplet sons would be going through, we were completely overwhelmed. One child is hard enough, but we had three children applying for college at the same time! Thankfully, with Liz’s tireless energy, focus, and guidance, we were able to navigate all of the facets of college apps: choosing colleges that would be the right fit, understanding financial aid, etc. My three sons loved working with Liz during their junior and senior years, and she helped them to determine and get accepted into the schools of their dreams. Without Liz, which was a smooth and organized process, would have certainly been months of drama and chaos! I am so grateful to Liz, and I recommend her services to any family with teenagers preparing to apply to college.”

~ Samantha Knox, Parent, Campbell Hall, NY

Liz helped us navigate what felt like a very overwhelming process of tests, forms, applications and decisions. She’s resolutely positive, warm and extremely organized. The cost was worth the reduction of stress alone. But I also believe in many cases, like ours, the investment will be more than repaid by finding a good college at the right price. Highly recommend.”

~ Ten Jay

“Liz and her team were exceptional throughout the college application process for our son, John. Each member took the time to learn about his professional goals and talents and guided him along the way to best represent his skills. My wife and I highly recommend Signature College Counseling. Our son will be attending Cornell University this fall on a pre-med track. We cannot thank them enough!”

~Raymond Charles, Parent

“Liz is very organized, she gets your child on track and helps them get everything done and turned in early. She is amazing and helpful along every step of the journey.

Just used Signature College Counseling with my 2nd child. It was the same great experience again. All the people Liz set us up with were wonderful. It was a pleasure going through this process again with Liz at our side. Thank you.”

~Kayla Allen, Parent

“There is no other person I would recommend for the job. I have worked with Liz for approximately 4 years and I have felt prepared and confident in each step of the college application process. From the start of my college search to making my final decision, Liz has been supportive and accommodating. As you can see from the numerous 5-star reviews, Liz is a truly wonderful woman to work with. If you want your child to feel confident in his/her college decision, Signature College Counseling is the way to go.”

~Sean, Student

I can confidently say that I would have been lost without Mrs. Levine and that she is one of the biggest reasons I will be attending an Ivy League school in the fall. She was so thoughtful, attentive, and resourceful that it didn’t even seem like a business, but rather, a personal relationship. Mrs. Levine (and the other wonderful people she works with) exponentially helped me with the college search process, essay writing, interview prep, everything financial aid related, and the genuine ins-and-outs of a very overwhelming process that I wouldn’t have been able to figure out myself. She got me contacts at schools I was considering, and simply went above and beyond to help me and my parents out.”

~ Cody, Student

“I recommend Elizabeth Levine and Signature College Counseling highly! As a student, the whole college process is quite difficult and stressful, including deciding on where to apply and/or attend. After Mrs. Levine began with me, the whole process became much easier. She helped me throughout the entire process, being both receptive and encouraging on my endeavors. Mrs. Levine, and her whole team, are both knowledgeable and professional. For anyone that is searching for the best help out there with the college process, I cannot express how great Elizabeth Levine and Signature College Counseling were during our time together.”

~ Jacob, Student

“I’m not one to usually write reviews but in this case, I had to make an exception. Signature counseling was a Godsend. We attended one of her free seminars early in the process and we were so impressed with her knowledge and passion for helping parents and kids navigate the college search. Liz is SO organized and helpful and guided my daughter through the whole process. She has a knack for talking with teens and really listens to kids… and what THEY want out of the college experience. Since Liz has personally visited a ton of schools, she knows a lot of inside information that truly saved us a lot of valuable time. She laid out a timeline and kept my daughter on track so the whole experience never became overwhelming for her. And she truly roots for your child to be the happiest they can be. My daughter will be attending University of Delaware and because of Liz’s help and support she knows she made the right decision. I can’t stress enough how helpful her entire team was. One of the best decisions we made for our daughter was to hire Liz!”

~ Alice, Parent

As a single working mother in NYC, I thought I had multi-tasking down to a science until I was faced with the intimidating task of the college planning process for my college-bound son.  Enter Liz Levine and Signature College Counseling.  This was not only a learning experience for me but a timesaver as well.  Liz took the process out of my hands and put it into hers.  

Since she had already visited most of the colleges around America, she had a vast knowledge of the campus life, what each college expected and how kids would fit in.  She knew what to look for and took the time to evaluate our needs and wants separately and together so, in the end, we could come up with a solution gratifying to all.  

Math is no friend to me so when the FAFSA form needed to be completed, I wanted to run and hide, but Liz made the process so easy and simple and took that burden off my hands and I was truly grateful.  Even when we came up with a decision as to where Andrew would attend school, Liz kept up with us and wanted to make sure there was no stone left unturned.  Her caring and warm ways, her attention to detail and her timeliness made this whole process a joy.

I am so grateful to Liz and can’t say enough about her and have recommended her services because anyone that uses her will benefit greatly.  Both Andrew and I certainly have and will continue to do so.”

Laurie Salkin, Parent, Monroe, NY

“We can’t thank you enough for all the help and guidance you provided Hunter for his college planning experience. The way you grabbed the bull by the horns, took charge in listening to all of us and executed throughout the process until Hunter chose his college to attend, was flawless. Your recommendations were spot on from the college list to the SAT/ACT tutor you referred us to as well as the essay. Hunter couldn’t stop with the praise on how much stress was lifted off his shoulders throughout this process. You made it virtually stress-free for the parents too, your experience with this was worth all its weight in gold. All we had to do was show up to meetings and you took care of the rest.”

~ Nicole and Todd Finley, Parents, Monroe, NY

“There is no substitute for the confidence that comes from experience. Liz gave us all that and more during this very important journey of searching for our son’s college. She was a pleasure to work with and we looked forward to our meetings. We highly recommend her.”

~ Cindy and Roger Vander Plaat, Parents, Warwick, NY

“Since my wife and I were raised and attended much of our education outside of the US, when it came to our son’s college process, we knew we needed help. Liz guided us through every piece of the process. She was there for us with questions, concerns and to discuss what we needed to do for our son to apply for direct entry to Pharmacy programs. Once we were working with Liz, we knew we were in good hands. Our son is now headed off to college in a direct entry Pharmacy program. We know we made the right choice to work with Liz throughout his process.”

~ Nilesh and Tanuja Patel, Parents, Goshen, NY

“We had the pleasure of working closely with Liz throughout the college application process for our daughter and we thoroughly enjoyed her services. Liz is very knowledgeable about all facets of the process from the SAT preparation classes and tests , to essay writing and school selection. She went to great lengths to match our daughter to schools that fit her passion, career goals and academic strengths. More importantly, Liz worked very closely with us incorporating our ideas and concerns in the decisions that we made together. She very much cared for the success of our daughter as if she would for her own. Liz is very passionate about what she does and her number one priority was the success of our daughter. We highly recommend her.”

~ Rommel Marseille, Parent, Warwick, NY

“Liz is a personable professional. She walks you through what can be a very confusing and intimidating process, achieving timely and quality results. Liz is available to answer any questions, she knows the system and the schools. She personalizes her service, making me feel comfortable and my daughter feel special and listened to. In short, peace of mind. Thank you Liz!”

~ Bill Metzger, Parent, Warwick, NY

“Liz did a wonderful job working with my daughter to find the right colleges for her, and then helping her through the essay process and submitting her applications. She kept me informed and kept my daughter on task. This eliminated the stress between my daughter and I. It was during a busy time in my life and we couldn’t have done it without her! Katarina is attending her first choice school this fall.”

~Liesl Potter VanLedtje, Cornwall, NY Parent

“My experience with Signature Counseling was excellent.  Liz Levine helped us manage the daunting task of helping our son find the right college for him. Liz would spend as much time as any of us needed by answering questions and helping to define the next steps.  She relates very well to students.

I wholeheartedly recommend Signature Counseling for as little or as much assistance you may need in your own family’s college exploration. 

~ Doris Kossover, Parent, Monroe, NY

“Working with Liz was an absolute pleasure. She is the consummate professional, detailed oriented and extremely thorough. She visits many colleges so she has first hand knowledge when she is recommending a school to your child or gently suggesting that one may not be the best fit. I chose Liz to work with my daughter because I didn’t want to have to argue and constantly remind her what she needed to do. As the process has changed dramatically, I didn’t know all the various pieces or deadlines anymore. Liz preceded each meeting with an email reminder of what she expected to accomplish at the upcoming meeting and followed up after each meeting with a detailed summary of what took place as well as a follow up list for the next scheduled meeting. I was cc’d on all communications to be aware of where they were in the process. The one expectation I requested was that all of her applications be submitted prior to senior year. Liz and my daughter submitted all applications on August 27th. The second day of school, my daughter submitted her papers to guidance and she was done. A tremendous weight was lifted off her shoulders, and mine too! Now, all she had to do was sit back and wait to her from the colleges. Hiring Liz to handle the college process with my daughter was one of the best decisions we made. She is a great example of how to successfully run a business. Her thorough research and wealth of knowledge is impressive. She goes the extra mile with each of her students and truly wants the best fit for them. I cannot thank Liz enough for the support and communication she provided to me during this very stressful process. Working with her was simply a pleasure. I look forward to working with Liz with my other children!”

~ Trish Stewart, Parent, Central Valley, NY

“Liz turned what could have been a nightmare into a dream. The college admissions process is overwhelming to say the least. She worked with our son through all of the components and helped make this experience an exciting and positive one. All of his applications went in early action and as of November 5th he got his first two acceptances. Thank you Liz, for all of your guidance and support. We couldn’t have done it without you.

~ Ricci Blumenau, Monroe NY

“After completing my Associates degree, Liz worked with me every step of the way to find the right colleges to apply to for transfer that had the major, location and environment I was looking for. She also walked me through the application process, reviewed my essay and then helped me make my final decision to attend Penn State. I could not have done it without her. Thank you Liz, you are awesome!”

~ Carly Fagerstrom, College Student, Central Valley, NY

“I cannot say enough about Elizabeth Levine and her entire team. My husband and I had our two boys use Signature College Counseling and it was the best decision we made for their future. Liz really listened to their needs and hopes for a college. Her knowledge of the colleges and what they offer is so far beyond what you would get going on a tour at the campus. She had a university on my son’s list that we did not think about or even consider. After going on some visits, it was the perfect fit for Jack. He will be attending that university this fall! I highly recommend Signature College Counseling for your child’s future.”

~Cindy VanderPlaat, Parent

“Liz worked with our oldest daughter during the 2021-2022 admissions cycle which was full of test-optional, pandemic-era uncertainty. Liz did such an incredible job that now, just a few months later, we are working with Liz again as she helps guide our middle daughter through the process. Liz is super organized, extremely thorough and professional but, most of all, she is kind and caring. Liz made sure my daughter had all of her college applications submitted before her senior year even began. It was amazing! Thank you Liz for all of your expert advice and guidance – much appreciated!”

~Gina, Parent

We highly recommend Signature College Counseling to help your student apply to college. It can be a daunting process but Liz and her team were thorough, patient and demonstrated so much expertise in the college search process, while creating a personalized experienced. Our son is off to his school this Fall, confident that he found the right university to prepare him for his career and have some fun! Thank you, Liz!”

~ Patterson Catherine, parent

“Liz made the entire process easier for us. Liz and her team worked closely with our son and kept everything on task. Most importantly, she made time to get to know our son to help choose the school that would be the best fit for him. Highly recommend!”

~Deanne Gleeson, Parent

“Liz and her team were a phenomenal resource! She provided organized, efficient, and invaluable guidance for my son’s application and interviewing process. I truly believe she was instrumental in my son’s many acceptances in a very trying time. I would recommend her services without hesitation and look forward to working with her again with my other two children. Her and her team were very knowledgeable, professional and exceeded our expectations.”

~Lin Remenar, Parent

We’ve used Liz (Signature College Counseling) with all three of our children. She and her team are outstanding! She guided our kids through the college search and application process from start to finish. Her depth of knowledge of colleges and universities around the country was indispensable in helping each of our children identify and develop lists of potential schools and find the institution that fit them best. Because of Liz, our children were successful in landing at a college of their choice and have been extremely happy and successful. If you have kids preparing to dive into their college search, Liz and Signature College Counseling is the best for guiding them along this journey!”

~ Seth, Parent

“Elizabeth Levine is by far an expert with her knowledge of college counseling and all details for your child to attend school of choice. I was referred and could not be more pleased with all the services she provided for my son. She works directly with your child to ensure they succeed for acceptance. Her communication skills with both child and parent are beyond measure. Her attention to detail and professionalism exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Elizabeth Levine – Signature College Counseling.”

~Francine, Parent

“We could not have completed the college search process without Liz. She is professional, organized, consistent, reliable, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and caring. She engages with her students while keeping the parents informed. She listens to their interests and thoughtfully selects schools that will pertain to all their academic, financial, social and emotional needs. She is always there for prompt answers to questions or concerns and she listens to you and your child as though you are the only people on her schedule for the day. We are so thankful to have found such an incredible professional to help us navigate the ever-changing and complicated process of college admissions.”

~Megan, Parent

“We engaged Liz to work with both of our daughters. If you want to be a helicopter parent ( and yes I can be accused of such at times), let me say you will need to let this go – because Liz will treat your young adults as adults through this process. They own it, first and foremost. And she does so with the most compassion and encouragement as possible. It empowered our girls to own their exploration process, including making mistakes and changing their minds. Both ironically wound up at the same college – with our latter accepting at another school then realizing the error of her ways. It took a late night call to Liz to hear her wise counsel to make the switch. Liz knows every single school everywhere – the requirements, the “vibe”, the academics, the settings. She has highly automated the process so things go smoothly. She is a coach in the truest sense of the word. Pluses: Liz is as empathetic as she is organized and professional. An amazing experience for this family to work with her.”

~Julianne, Parent

“I worked with Elizabeth to chose the colleges that I would apply to and she made it so easy for us. It was very confusing on our own. They helped me with my essay and it turned out great. We would have really been lost without Elizabeth and her help. I ended up getting into Sacred Heart University and Ohio State University… I am sure that her help and suggestions helped my college dreams to come true. My family and I recommend working with Elizabeth! She was so nice and it was actually a fun process. Thank you, Elizabeth!”

~Matthew, Student

“Working with Liz Levine was a great experience; she is very professional, organized, easy to talk to and work with. She made the confusing & complicated processes of applying to colleges so much easier. My son was an athlete looking for a Division 1 program. Liz searched & recommended a number of schools with my sons major that had a Division 1 program. Liz also took on the very complicated process of my son applying to West Point. I highly recommend Liz Levine at Signature College Counseling.”

~Christine Egan

“The college process can be very intimidating, however with Liz and her equally valuable team, the process was made easier than ever. I myself am not easy to work with due to my eccentric schedule but Liz and her team pulled it off flawlessly. I just want to personally thank her and Jodi for absolutely everything. After all their help, I have my destination set on the Smeal College of Business at Penn State. Great help, but moreover…GREAT people!”
~Aaryan Patel, Parent, Easton, PA

“Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience (as well as a myriad of ‘to-do’ lists, calendars and ‘the map’), Liz immediately put our family at ease and we knew we were in capable hands.

Liz will help you with career and skills assessments, college search, essay writing and the application process (among other things). She has personally visited many campuses across the country. Liz can provide suggestions and recommendations based on first-hand knowledge of a particular school…taking into account many factors like your child’s high school transcript, his/her personality, stress level, cultural elements, educational goals, past clients experiences, and many other factors.

Not only does Liz put the parent’s fears at ease, but she has a talent for speaking to your child as well. She knows how to communicate with a teenager and has a knack for recognizing what they may not be saying (or thinking). Liz is the consummate professional, but, she is also a Mom…she gets it.

Liz has an inviting workspace and casual atmosphere. Liz responds to emails promptly (many times before 6 am), and from all over the world. No question is too big or too small, or, too ridiculous. She keeps her opinions and judgments to herself, she does not try to sway, she confidently offers suggestions and options. She works WITH your family to achieve goals.

The bottom line is, Liz treats each and every client like you are her ONLY client. She truly cares about your child and wants them to be happy and successful. We couldn’t have done it without her and we look forward to working with Liz for our younger child’s college journey as well. ”

~ Tracey Meehan, Parent, Tuxedo, NY

“Thanks to Elizabeth’s guidance and her team’s dedication, they worked together to keep our son on point throughout his college journey. She was the light in the web of dark tunnels of the college admission process.”

~ Jose and Adrienne Gregori, Parents, New City, NY

“The college admissions process can be overwhelming, but Liz was always there for us to answer questions and provide guidance. She is extremely organized and knowledgeable; in addition, the services she provided have been invaluable. Liz is insightful and caring, and a pleasure to work with.”

~ Christine Pressimone, Parent, Washingtonville, NY

“I had the pleasure of working with Liz throughout the college application process. Throughout my junior and senior years, her guidance made all of the steps – the Common App, writing essays, financial aid – easy to understand and certainly less stressful. Most importantly, Liz helped me to avoid a common pitfall many students succumb to – procrastination. I don’t think I would have been able to achieve my first-choice college, the University of Pennsylvania, without her. I will always recognize the role Liz played in helping me achieve my collegiate dreams!”

~ Tyler Knox, Student, Washingtonville High School

“Liz took the stress out of our college planning process. She discussed every piece of it with us, offering expert advise and guiding us through it in a timely manner. Her approach was genuine and we felt a great sense of relief after our first meeting with her. My son gained confidence and was inspired to begin the process immediately with Liz leading the way! She suggested colleges that best fit our needs. We’re happy to say that he was accepted to every college he applied to! Thank you Liz!”

~ Cindy Huepler, Parent, Monroe, NY
Bryce Huepler, Student, Monroe-Woodbury High School

“Going through the college application process can be very stressful.  Working with Liz made everything so much easier.  We are very grateful we found such a knowledgeable, kind, helpful person.  Liz definitely gets 5 stars from us!”

~Denise Olsen, Totowa, NJ

“The college search and financial aid component were overwhelming and confusing to me. Liz explained the process by breaking it down into understandable pieces, outlining it in a logical manner in easy to understand terms. She also provided resources to me that I never knew existed. Thanks to Liz’s extensive expertise and guidance, I was able to successfully make it through the college admissions process, plus I learned a lot along the way!”

~ Pat Ross, Houston, TX

“Liz was very welcoming and took a lot of stress off of my shoulders. She made the college process a lot easier than it would have been if I had done it on my own. She helped me with everything I needed to get done. I truly enjoyed working with her.”

~ Jesse, Student

“Liz has helped our family to thoroughly understand the intricacies of the college admissions process, which can be daunting. Knowing where to start can also be quite confusing. She has helped us to identify what to look for in both selecting colleges and navigating financial aid. As parents we want our children to flourish, and Liz has been instrumental in providing my son with the resources to find direction. She has helped to make what seemed to be a difficult process, an enjoyable learning experience. I would highly recommend her services.”

~Donna Walsh, Monroe, NY