Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas

– Large number of students from the Midwest and California
– 45% of the students from Texas
– 1/3 study abroad
– 8,647 undergrads
– Undergraduates have a lot of research opportunities
– Appeal to a wide variety of cultures and religion
– Average class size 27, student to faculty ratio 13:1
– Div I athletics, major NCAA school
– Larger metropolitan area
– 2/3 of students will have an internship
– Working elementary school for children with learning differences
– Have a College of Fine Arts, music, dance, theatre require an audition
– Nursing and Health Sciences
– Nursing is a competitive program and require higher criteria
– 5 year accounting program
– Honors college – no restrictions on major, are invited to participate based on academic criteria
– Guaranteed internships for anyone that would like to participate
– Extensive and diverse orientation program, varying locations in the U.S. And abroad for socialization and assimilation
– Require students to live on campus fresh and sophomore year
– Early decision and early action 1 offered and apply by 11/1, early action II by 1/1
– Resume required, demonstrated interest considered, interview not required
– 44% admit rate
– ACT 25-30, 1650-1910 (with Writing)
– Overlap with Vanderbilt and Emory, Pepperdine, university of Denver, Babson
– $53,060
– Academic scholarships, 1850/28 ACT, 3.7 GPA, starts at $10k through full tuition
– 3.5 median unweighted GPA for Admission
– FAFSA & CSS Profile (CSS used for institutional aid)
– Most students have loans
– Meet greater financial need for higher Academic qualifications and people who have received merit packages

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