Timelines, and Why We Love Them

Timelines, and why we love them.

The Mayans were on to something when they came up with a calendar. Maybe they had to make sure they made the proper amount of sacrifices to the gods. Or maybe they had a kid getting ready for college.

All kidding aside, I love creating a timeline for any project on my horizon. You’ve probably done one already for a class project, but it’s a wonderful tool for anything in life where a deadline is looming, and you want to make sure you get everything completed proactively, setting up for a successful finish; it’s also a very powerful way to feel control in the process.

If a timeline is a new concept, never fear. It’s simply an organized way to plot out your college process, with a bulleted-point list, and ideally made up of very few words. You can make your list as detailed as you want. Instead of just saying, “finalize list of colleges,” you may want to add: “prioritize in order of preference.” It’s a guide, really. Something to keep on a bulletin board, or on your phone.

Keep it fluid, and by that, I mean, easy to change, and add to. Maybe you need more details, maybe not. But once a list is in place, you’ll be amazed at how less stressful all the little tasks will be.

Just ask any anyone that has been through the process!

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