Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas

– Campus is immaculate
– Dorms are one of the best I have ever seen, rooms are large, walk-in closets. Very nice suite style bathrooms
– Greek life participation 30%
– 2400 undergrad
– 5 year education masters program
– Very nicely appointed athletic fields
– 9:1 student to faculty ratio, 18 to 20 students per class
– Largest program is business, 7 different majors
– Modern languages and literature major
– Chinese major
– Full Engineering program, BS in Engineering Science
– Extensive research and internship opportunities
– Pre med program
– Apply to Trinity as a whole and can then enter any major
– Div III athletics
– Tennis and soccer competitive and prevalent
– 2 rounds of early action and have an early decision option
– 48% admit
– 60% from within Texas with many coming from California, Colorado
– Heavy hook to apply from the northeast
– Cross over application with GW, Univ of Redlands, Denison, Oberlin, Emory
– 7th largest city in the US, population at 2M
– Full undergraduate program in Urban Studies
– GPA and overall curriculum, recalculate GPA 3.4 to 3.6 unweighted, 28 – 31, 1260 – 1300
– CSS Profile application for financial aid
– Meeting need for a student who qualifies for a merit scholarship
– Demonstrated interest taken into account
– 90% return sophomore year
– 24% Hispanic, 60% white
– Not a commuter campus, have to stay on campus 1st 3 years
– 65% of students have a car on campus, freshman are allowed to have cars
– Strong fine arts program

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