Turning the Page to The Next Chapter

Turning the Page to The Next Chapter

The page has turned, whether you want it to or not. You know where you will be heading in the next chapter of your life. You have made the most important decision of your life, to date, and have hopes and dreams of where this chapter will take you. The utter awe in taking a moment, sitting back and thinking about this, and knowing this is why I do what I do. How lucky am I to have worked with all of these students and families.

This is a monumental day for all of those who will be graduating high school shortly and those parents that have lived through their child’s college admissions journey from the beginning, whenever that beginning started. Not only does your child have hopes and dreams but you do too. Probably far more expansive than your child does just because you have lived life quite a bit longer than they have.

Our Signature College Counseling team turned the page on 98 students this May 1 and all of us could not be prouder of every one of them. We also have hopes and dreams for them and cannot wait to hear all about them as they unfold.

One piece of advice. The road ahead is not nirvana. There will be bumps and you will need to learn how to handle them. This is part of growing up and will only aid you in all the bumps that life will offer you as each year passes. You are in it for the long haul. This is definitely not a sprint, this isn’t just a marathon, this is many marathons, one after another. Enjoy the wonderful moments and embrace and learn from the bumps.

All of us at Signature College Counseling wish each and every one of you that have made that monumental decision by May 1 the very best in the next chapter of your life and beyond. How wonderful is it that we were able to help you in some small way in getting you there, whether it be through our services, a conversation we may have had with you, our blogs, our videos and/or information you learned from our web site. It is our pleasure to help you in any way we can and this is why we do what we do.

Do you have questions about the college admissions process or the above information? Don’t hesitate to contact me at info@signaturecollegecounseling.com or by phone, 845.551.6946.

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