University of Colorado Boulder

University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, Colorado

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• 27,010 undergraduates
• 18:1 student to faculty ratio
• 80% acceptance rate
• Mid 50% SAT 530-640, ACT 24-30
• Average class size is 40, but freshman year large lecture classes of 400+ students
• 85% of classes have 50 or fewer students
• 86% retention rate – Freshman returning for their sophomore year
• NCAA Div I
• 31.7% of students who have no financial need receive on average $8,628
• 81% of financial need met
• Public university
• 50% of students come from out of state
• Large bike culture
• Spanish architecture
• Speech pathology is also an audiology major
• Greek life is prevalent but not a have to do – 12% participate, does not dominate the campus
• Even though school is large it is split into smaller communities
• Heavy research institution – Plenty of opportunities
• Over 500 clubs and organizations
• Largest college is Arts and Sciences, Engineering, then Business
• Living learning communities
• Top Physics president gram
• Program in ceramics
• Undecided = Open Option
• Can transfer into other colleges with required minimum GPA and classes
• Engineering and Business most selective
• Apply to program of choice and into a specific college
• Top Engineering program, top 20 in region
• Environment Design = Architecture
• Sports Media major offered
• 39% accept rate into Engineering, A’s B’s and no C’s makes a student competitive
• 50% accept rate into Leeds School of Business, 4 years of math
• If don’t get accepted to Business or Engineering will be considered into Pre Business and Pre Engineering programs
• Not a great difference between acceptance rate, in state vs out of state, in state may be slight more selective

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