University of Miami – Coral Gables, Florida
– More of a contemporary style campus
– Plenty of new buildings and new construction
– Established 1925
– 10,000 undergraduates
– Down to earth and laid back student body that is interested in their academics but their social life as well, providing a good balance
– Excellent student to faculty ration, 12:1
– 38% acceptance rate, highly selective
– “Plus One” Scholarship program – Apply for an additional year, tuition free of charge, after 4 years of undergraduate work for the immersion of a subject of their passion
– Many cities/towns near by, with Miami within 20 minutes. Diverse and broad variety of offerings
– A nice campus that has all that a city has to offer close by
– Plenty of activities provided on campus
– NY/ Northeast top areas they pull from for students
– CSS Profile form needs to be completed for financial aid
– Early decision doesn’t provide extra help in acceptance. Criteria are the same for both ED and regular decision pool
– Labs and internships are highly prevalent for experiential learning
– 180 majors offered, with specialties in Marine Science, Engineering, Business, Architecture and Music, both in Arts and Music Business and many more
– Football, basketball..etc. Lots of school spirit
– Simulation hospital is currently being constructed
– Current president is former dean at Harvard
– Div IA sports programs, 17 varsity sports
– 60% of students from out of state
– 121 countries and all 50 states represented
– “Cognates” program of General Education – Minimum of 3 courses that are connected. Taking courses in all 3 areas – STEM, Arts and Humanities, People and Society. New program for the past 2 years
– Honors program is assessed through the main application, Foote Fellows program. Exempt from Cognates program
– PRISM program – Science and Math, access to courses and faculty that others do not have access to
– Robust study abroad program – 85 schools in 40+ countries
– Apply through the Common App
– 1270-1420 SAT, 28-33 ACT mid 50%, does not consider writing portion of SAT
– A- average GPA
– Require 1 letter of recommendation but can send up to 3, when there are 3 unique perspectives
– College essay – Very important, what makes you unique, your story
– School of Music requires an audition, Architecture a portfolio (not required but highly recommended), theatre BFA needs an audition, Art BFA portfolio required, Dual degree an additional application deadline is 11/1
– School of Music (Frost) only can apply regular decision
– Avg scholarship award is $29k
– Read applications need blind
– Avg financial aid package is $35k, includes grants and scholarships, loans and work study
– Apply to a specific school, just gauging interest. If you are accepted to the school you are accepted to all colleges, other than those that require auditions or portfolios
– Consider demonstrated interest in admissions process, visiting school..etc.
– Do not offer interviews, not considered during admissions process
– All materials need to be submitted by deadline
– Greek life – 20-25% participate

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