University of South Carolina

University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina

University of South Carolina is an impressive, large university, integrated into the city of Columbia, the state capital, with a campus as well. There are a wide breadth of programs with some interesting unique offerings.

• Vast campus embedded into the state capital, Columbia
• Can walk to town to walk to with nightlife, shopping, and eateries
• Greater Columbia population 800,000
• Guaranteed housing for freshman
• 25,000 undergrads
• 39% from out of state
• NC, CT, NJ, VA, MD, Georgia are feeder states
• Tier 1 research institution
• International business program ranked #1 nationally 17 years in a row
• 17:1 student to faculty ratio
• A breadth of program offerings
• Can apply undeclared, declaring your major after sophomore year
• Minimum requirements to transfer into business school from Arts and Sciences
• Business is number 1 choice for freshman applicants
• Business school has their own career center
• Nursing and Pharmacy not a direct admit. Need to apply during undergraduate years
• Exercise science not a direct admit – Apply to Public Health and then the specialty
• Honors College – Additional application, 2 essays
• Capstone Scholars program – 2 year program, finishes after sophomore year, focusing on leadership, automatically considered when you apply
• 1130-1280 SAT, 25-30 ACT range, 3.69-4.44 GPA, do Superscore among redesigned tests, no writing score needed on SAT
• More rigorous acceptance criteria for out of state students
• Recalculate GPA for core courses, extra points given for honors, dual enrollment and AP
• 3 lab sciences, Bio, Chem and 1 further is a minimum
• Not on Common App
• Will be on Coalition application
• 10/15 early application deadline, Honors College and top scholars deadline 11/15
• Out of State COA $41K
• FAFSA financial aid
• Transfer student applicants – Each school has their own transfer requirements
• 25% Greek participation
• Strong classical ballet focus
• Separate dining hall for student athletes for them to use
• Athletics very large focus
• Unique programs: Sports and Entertainment Management, Hospitality, Retail Management, Fashion Merchandising (not design), Supply Chain, Marine Science
• Crossover schools: Clemson, University of Georgia, UNC chapel hill, NC state, Alabama, Auburn, University of Florida
• Business district is right off campus with plenty of internship opportunities

Visit the University of South Carolina website.