University of Texas Austin

University of Texas Austin, Austin, Texas

• Massive and very impressive campus
• 17 libraries
• Radio and TV all student-run
• Tutoring in residence halls
• Can apply for housing once your application is complete
• Large Natural Science program
• 38,000 undergrads
• Greek life is quite prevalent but don’t have to participate
• 75% of students have to be from Texas
• 7700 students total freshman class
• Admit rate for out of state low, highly competitive – 25%
• Optional resume should be submitted
• Only looking at 1st 3 years of high school grades
• Rolling admission where if you apply earlier you will hear earlier
• Do 3rd optional essay
• Demonstrated interest not considered
• Difficult to transfer majors if changing colleges mid stream
• Admitted out of state students, 1900-2140 SAT, 29-32 ACT

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