University of Washington

University of Washington, Seattle, WA

The University of Washington, Seattle aka “UDub” sits above downtown Seattle on a beautiful campus with breathtaking views of Mt. Rainier and a Harry Potteresque library. With more than 180 majors to choose from, this state flagship is attractive to both in-state and out-of-state students alike.

Admissions streamlined
• Only one application deadline
• No interviews
• No letters of recommendation
• Priority is placed on WA residents

3 admission pathways
NOTE: students must confirm these categorizations and admit rates as they can change from year to year
• Open majors can be declared at anytime ex. marine biology
• Minimum requirements – must complete the minimum requirements before declaring ex. Political Science
• Capacity or direct admit majors – these have a limited number of seats available and likely require supplemental essay
• Foster Business School – accepts about 30-50%
• Biology – accepts about 90%
• Nursing – accepts about 10-15%
• Computer Science
• Engineering
• Neuroscience

• Be thoughtful when choosing a major & (optional) second choice major
• 80% of students (including undecideds) are pre-majors – choose the pre-major that most closely aligns with your current interests

• COA: $30k+ instate | $60k+ OOS

• Husky Promise – in-state need based automatically considered
• Presidential – WA automatically considered about $10k/year, renewable
• Purple & Gold – in-state and out-of-state; automatically considered no FAFSA required $3k-7200 about 50% of OOS receive

• Follow quarter system “33% more classes in less time”
• Average Class size is 44.5 student
• All students take a required diversity credit

Average student profile
• Mid-50% SAT: 1420
• Mid-50% ACT: 32
• Avg GPA: 3.83

Admit Rate ~47%

Visit the University of Washington website.

photo courtesy University of Washington