University of Rhode Island

University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI

As you exit off of 95 with URI as your destination, during the 10 mile trip it is clear you are in New England as you view sprawling farm land and the quaint architecture along the way. URI is Kingston and Kingston URI. There is a small town 10 minutes from campus that a shuttle will take you to but loving campus life is a must. A larger public university appears before your eyes. See attached photos and notes below.
• Over 14,000 students
• 80 different majors, 40 minors
• 56% of the students come from in state
• Strongest/Most Competitive majors – Engineering, Pharm D, Nursing
• New Business school building
• Apply to school in general for acceptance if not applying to Engineering, PharmD or Nursing
• Most students come in undeclared
• Once admitted to the university can transfer into any major
• Demonstrated Interest doesn’t play a part in the admissions decision
• GPA, Test scores, letters of recommendation and essay considered
• 3.4 Average GPA
• Avg Class size – Some lecture classes of 150 students but when get into major class sizes are smaller
• Shuttle to downtown which is about 10 minutes away
• Can have car on campus all 4 years
• Look for students that contribute to their community
• Students need to be independent
• All students assigned an academic advisor
• Writing center with peer tutors, academic center for support
• Cross over schools – UConn, Other state schools, University of New Hampshire
• Greek Life – Definitely prevalent, 15 Frats and Sororities
• No mandated % of students that have to attend from in state
• There is no difference in acceptance rate for out of state students
• Unique and/or specialty majors
• New forensics and Pharmacy building
• Bay campus on ocean, Marine Biology, Oceanography
• Vet and animal studies – Local farm
• Forensics major in the future
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