Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

– 39% study abroad, 35 countries
– Freshman living/learning experience, consists of 10 houses where all first year students live and can be extended through sophomore, junior and senior year. Martha Rivers Ingram Commons. Faculty advisor is assigned to and lives at each house
– Surrounding area has plenty to offer within walking distance and more
– 6851 undergrads, 6000 grad students
– 4 undergraduate schools and colleges (Music, Engineering, Arts and Sciences, Education and Humanities)
– Apply directly to one of the 4 schools and need to stay in that school for 1 year
– In the School of Arts and Sciences can customize your major
– Can double major/minor outside of your designated school
– Blair school of music has an incoming class of around 50 students
– Campus is a beautiful tree park
– 30% of students outside the southern region, 6.2% international.
– Average financial aid award is $45K ($65K COA)
– Nashville economy booming, many recent grads come to live here
– Music center, known as the Music City
– Nashville is a very accessible city
– Is a metropolitan area but not too big
– Very friendly population
– College is in Hillsboro Village, with lots of shops and restaurants, very nice, upscale area
– Need blind during admissions process
– CSS Profile and FAFSA are required for applying for financial aid
– 90% 4-year graduation rate
– Guaranty an Engineering internship
– Highly rated School of Education
– 8:1 student to faculty ratio
– Sponsored research and project awards – Over $600M
– Have to do first year on campus then you can study abroad
– Financial aid award follows you when you study abroad
– NCAA Div I, SEC conference, only private school in conference
– Great school spirit
– Evaluate prospective students in 5 areas: Community service/activities/leadership, essay, standardized testing, GPA, letters of recommendation (2 teachers, 1 counselor or supplementary recommendation)
– Wants to see that you have taken advantage of most rigorous curriculum and done well
– Super Score 2 sections of SAT, ACT with writing, although writing score is not considered for admissions
– Can submit SAT subject tests but not required
– Admissions is not just an academic review
– 13.1% acceptance rate
– Holistic review, read all applications, no threshold for GPA or test scores
– Every file gets at least 1 read, most get 3
– SAT Critical Reading – 720-780, ACT 32-34
– 91% of admitted applicants ranked top 10 percent of graduating class
– Only can apply early decision or regular decision
– Admit for early decision is 20%, regular decision 9.5%
– Won’t defer for early decision, either an accept or deny
– Meets 100% of demonstrated financial need
– Financial aid does not include need-based loans
– Undocumented students go into international pool. If aid seeking, will meet 100% need. If no aid needed goes into regular pool
– Average debt for graduates is $11k
– Apply separately for merit scholarships before acceptance
– 97% freshman retention rate
– 93% 6-year graduation rate
– School does optional interviews with an alumnus, really helps the student to gain more information, is not considered for admissions

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