West Chester University, West Chester, PA

– 13,000 undergrads
– 84 majors
– 1000 SAT, 3.0 GPA
– Nursing most competitive, 1200 scores, 3.7
– Admit by major
– 1/3 incoming freshman class comes in undeclared
– Typically easier to get in applying undeclared
– 18% attend from out of state
– Crossover schools, other PA state schools, out of state Rutgers, U of Delaware, Drexel
– Education, Pre Med, Communications are popular programs
– All music programs require an audition and visual arts require a portfolio
– Pre med students require an interview
– 65% female
– Presence of African American and Hispanic population (12%)
– Strong active community, 96% of freshman live on campus
– No one gets merit aid upon acceptance
– If you meet the threshold for merit aid, Financial Aid sends out a package for the student to apply for merit aid
– FAFSA based
– COA $25K in state, $35K out of state
– Greek life presence – 15%

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