What Colleges Use the Coalition Application

Today, there are about 135 schools and colleges that are members of the Coalition for College, using their application for admission. You can find the complete list of schools that use this specific application on the Members page of their website. There you can search by school name alphabetically or by state, as well as search by public or private schools. You can also narrow your search to schools that accept the Coalition Application for transfer students.

Why the Coalition for College Was Founded

The Coalition for College was created back in 2015 to help with access for students to different colleges. According to the Mission section of their website:

“Coalition for College member schools are united in their mission to support lower-income, under-resourced, and/or first-generation students; to provide responsible financial aid; and to bolster students’ success in college—and beyond.”

They also say “that all students benefit from early engagement in the college application process.” This is something I wholeheartedly agree with. I always say the earlier you start the more successful your college search and application process will be.

Some Thoughts on Using the Coalition Application

My team and I have used the Coalition Application with our students more times than we can even count. We have also had discussions about this application with our colleagues. We all seem to feel the same way: the Coalition Application is extremely cumbersome, especially compared to the Common App. Some schools, including the University of Maryland, have even added themselves to the Common App, in addition to the Coalition Application.

If you have the option of using the Common App over the Coalition Application for a school to which you want to apply, we recommend using the Common App. The Common App is much more direct and user friendly than the Coalition Application. If the school accepts both applications for admission, it doesn’t matter to them which application you use.

Some schools use the Coalition Application and their own proprietary application, such as Rutgers University. In this case, we recommend using the school’s proprietary application, which tends to be more straightforward.

For schools that only use the Coalition Application, unfortunately, you have no choice.

We tell our students to only use the Coalition Application as a last resort because it is a much more cumbersome, complicated application than either the Common App or the schools’ proprietary applications.

We hope this information makes your college application journey easier.

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