What Is a Regular Decision Deadline?

The regular decision deadline is the last day that you can submit your application for admission to that particular college or university for the following school year (unless there is also rolling admission then you have to adhere to the rolling admission deadline). Regular decision deadlines vary school by school. The latest regular decision application deadline dates tend to be in January, with some as late as February or beyond.

Multiple Deadline Dates

If you are applying regular decision to a group of colleges, it is important to find out, and keep track of, the application deadlines for each individual school. You don’t want to miss out on applying to the school you wish to attend because you had the wrong deadline date!

Other Application Deadlines

A school can have multiple ways in which you apply:

Early Action – you can receive an early response and are not bound to attend the school
Early Decision – you can receive an early response and are bound to attend
Priority Admission – if you apply after the deadline you may not be considered at all
Regular Decision – typically the latest date you can apply to a school
Rolling Decision – applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, typically with a later deadline, such as May or June

Each school does not have all of the above ways to apply. They select which ones that choose to offer to their applicants.

Read our blog When Is the Deadline for College Applications for more information on each type of application.

You need to know when each school’s regular decision deadlines are because submitting an application after the deadline could mean that you’re not even considered. So, find out each deadline, keep track of when it is approaching, and make sure you submit your applications on time.

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