What Is the High School Code?

Throughout your college admissions journey, you will be asked to provide your High School Code. If you’re like most students, you may be confused as to what that even is. This code is actually something called the CEEB (College Entrance Examination Board) code. Each school, whether it is a high school, college or university, has its own unique CEEB code associated with that specific institution.

What Do You Need the CEEB Code for?

The CEEB code is used to make sure all of your information is properly identified and sent to the correct place. You will need to insert your high school’s code on your college applications, including the Common App. This allows the colleges to make sure they have connected you with the right high school.

You don’t need to only worry about properly inserting your high school code. During the admissions journey you will also need to insert the codes associated with the colleges to which you want to apply to ensure all of your information gets to those institutions. You will need to insert this code when sending SAT and ACT scores, as well as transcripts, teacher letters of recommendation and financial aid information through the FAFSA.

What If I Don’t Know the Codes for My High School or Colleges on My List?

Don’t worry if you don’t know your high school code or the codes for the schools to which you want to apply. You can get the high school code from your school’s guidance office. You can also search for CEEB codes on the Code Search page of the College Board’s website. Plus, the Common App and SAT application have built-in search functions to help you quickly and easily find the codes you need.

Hopefully, this information helps answer your questions about your high school code, as well as the codes for the colleges on your search list.

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